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A/L and Scholarship exam candidates asked to submit details

The Ministry of Education has made arrangements to obtain relevant information including details of the health status of all students who are scheduled to sit for the GCE Advanced Level Examination and the Grade Five Scholarship Examination as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Grade five scholarship examination is to be held on October 11 and the Advanced Level Examination will start on October 12.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education states that all students should include their information in the information sheet submitted on the website of the Ministry of Education before conducting the relevant examinations.

Students or parents can access this information via the link https://info.moe.gov.lk

Students who are unable to provide the information for the above examinations online should submit the information at the center where they are appearing for the examination.

“The relevant form (Sinhala/Tamil/English) in the language will be submitted to the Head of the Examination Department by the Department of Examinations in the Zonal/Provincial Referral to Directors of Education.

Students who have not submitted the information online should complete and submit this form (in one medium) and all Provincial/Zonal Directors of Education and Examination Center Officers have been informed to follow the instructions of the health authorities in the relevant area regarding the health issues reported there,” the Education Ministry in a statement said.

The Ministry of Education will protect the confidentiality of the information completed by the candidates.

It is mandatory for all students appearing for the GCE Advanced Level examination to enter their details and this information should be completed by the parents of the Grade 5 students.

If there is any problem with the candidate’s health or his or her family’s health after entering the information in the first instance, the information should be re-submitted in those instances. 

Notice for GCE A/L, 5 schol. candidates (12:35)
The Education Ministry requests all students sitting the Grade 5 Scholarship and the GCE Advanced Level examinations to register their information via http://info.moe.gov.lk