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KottuMee inspires ‘Gedara Cricket Fun’ with Yohani

Cricket is one of the most unifying things for our country we are all brought together for our shared love of cricket.

As a brand associated with cricket and the excitement of papare music that comes with it, Prima KottuMee brought out a new campaign to add fun to the cricket loving nation.

Thus, “Gedara Cricket fun with Prima KottuMee” was born, recently rolling out to the entire nation by storm.

Prima KottuMee is a brand that has always been close to the fun-loving youth. It is about looking at the positive in every situation and making the most of what we have. Featuring a distinctive musician with a wonderfully spirited voice, Yohani, Gedara Cricket Fun follows her as she gets a notification of this time last year as a memory on her phone and is suddenly reminded of all the fun she had then, deciding to have a private beach party now to keep the fun going. The advertisement then stays true to the DNA of the brand with; Prima KottuMee fun Thamai! This helped ensure that Prima KottuMee is there for you to have the same kind of fun - all you need are good people around you, good music and a good atmosphere.

Yohani’s Raban mash-up on TikTok was used to help cheer everyone up, spreading this infectious positivity like a huge wave through social media and continuing to highlight the key message of the brand. This became the most successful brand communication on TikTok up to now, being amongst the top 20 at Ad Stars 2020 and Top 35 branded viral videos, all produced remotely.

Prima KottuMee is always associated with the youth who love to have fun. Reflecting this image, the brand brought Yohani to the limelight through the Raban Mashup, Stay Safe Eat Hot safety song and Gedara Cricket Fun, all which are in line with the brand’s DNA.

Yohani was central to this entire campaign as her values and character fit perfectly with the values and the brand of Prima KottuMee.

“We have always been true to the promise we have made through the Prima KottuMee brand, in creating fun loving experiences to youthful Sri Lankans, because Prima KottuMee is Fun Thamai!,” stated Sajith Gunaratne, Deputy General Manager, Prima Group Sri Lanka.