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Brantel partners ‘GoodWe’

Brantel Lanka Limited, a leading ICT company, has acquired distribution rights in Sri Lanka for ‘GoodWe’, ranked number one among hybrid storage inverters in the world, adding another top-notch technology brand to its portfolio.

As an authorised distributor of GoodWe, Brantel said it would maintain stocks of these hybrid inverters for customers seeking an alternative to on-grid solar installations. GoodWe has a global market share of 15%.

Expressing the view that this partnership will open a new era for both companies, James Hou GoodWe’s Sales Director for India & Sri Lanka said, “We are delighted to enter into the partnership with Brantel for the Sri Lanka market, where we have built up sound brand recognition thanks to the surpassing excellence of our inverter’s long-term performance as well as our continued strong support to our users. Brantel is a very reputable distributor in Sri Lanka with an excellent track record.”

GoodWe possesses the industry’s most comprehensive storage portfolio from 3kW to 100kW, covering single-phase and three-phase, high voltage and low voltage, DC-coupled and AC-coupled retrofit solutions.

Brantel’s offering of GoodWe hybrid storage inverters include residential inverters and commercial rooftop inverters. Brantel also distributes solar inverters manufactured by SMA Solar Technology AG of Germany, one of the world’s leaders for on-grid solar power inverters.

The initial offering from Brantel in Sri Lanka includes GoodWe inverters from the XS Series, DNS Series, SDT G2 Series, and SDT Series. Other models and sizes of hybrid inverters will be available in the future, the Company said.

The XS Series is an ultra-small residential solar inverter specifically designed to bring comfort and quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households.

GoodWe’s DNS Series is a single-phase on-grid inverter with 3kW to 6kW capacity and comes in a compact size, fitted with comprehensive software and hardware technology. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the DNS series offers high efficiency and class-leading functionality, IP65 dustproof and waterproofing and a fan-less, low-noise design.

The Smart DT series of inverters are specially designed for three-phase home solar systems and small commercial usage and covers a wide power range of 4kW to 20kW. The integrated two Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) allow two-array inputs from different roof orientations

Marketed as the best option for the residential and commercial sectors owing to its technical strengths, the GoodWe SDT G2 series of inverter is specially designed for three-phase residential and small commercial projects with capacities ranging from 4kW to 25kW.