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Trees, Goebbels and the laptop brigade

How do people of the country get to know of news and understand news? How ? Maybe there are different ways and means. But all of us can very clearly see that people watch television and use social media anytime and always nowadays.

They believe whatever that appears in these media no matter whether the information they receive is correct or not. No one bothers to check the information and verify facts. Double checking the accuracy of the information never happens because many people do not see any importance in doing such a thing. Therefore the majority of the people believe whatever that appears in television and social media blindly. It is very easy for anyone to fool them using the social media.

Did you notice something very strange being broadcast in television and appearing in social media in the recent past ? Something related to the environment. Something about cutting down trees all over the country and clearing forest reservations. News related to this topic hit television screens every night and was circulated in social media all the time like wildfire. Some individuals used the topic to score some 'marks' and climb high in the ladder of popularity using Facebook posts and such like.

The bitter truth was not revealed to the country. The truth how much bitter is the 'Laptop Army' had commenced their 'work' once again and the Goebble's Theory is in action once again. Unfortunately some people could not understand this. The most popular tactic used by the so-called Yahapalana gang to grab power in 2015 and rule the country until November 2019 (last year) is applying this same GobbelsianTheory. It is purely the Goebbel's Theory which they started to use again in order to sully the image of a highly popular Government. Since there are no crucial elections upcoming in the near future, the main objective of these crooks may be creating unrest among the patriotic groups.

The ordinary people of Sri Lanka can understand the entire `Tree Cutting Drama' by one simple example. Let us say 'A tragic accident occurred at Nuwara Eliya. A bus fell 100 meters down a precipice killing 52 passengers and injuring several more'. How many people will visit this place ? Do people living and working deep down south, North, East or West visit to see the accident ? Do busy people who live in nearby areas visit to see the accident then and there?. Who visited the site of the accident ? May be 25, 50 or 100. The maximum number of people visiting the accident site can be no more than 1000. We all are sure that less than 2500 visitors can be recorded to the accident site during a period of one month. This is the real ground situation in Sri Lanka and all over the world.

Then how the entire country sees the accident and receives information?. It is over the television and social media. Usually a camera can distort any big picture by capturing specific parts of the incident or the area. The same thing can be done by telecasting the same few frames over and over again. People hardly understand that they see the same frame again and again. We can understand it only when there is a person or object in a dark contrasting colour in a specific posture in the frame. Otherwise we cannot understand it at all. The best example is visuals shown during the news on COVID-19. All television channels show the same ambulance run on the same road at the same time with the same staff and the funniest part is with the same COVID-19 patients !!!.

When it comes to a cleared land or some trees that are felled, people can be easily misled because they cannot understand that they see the same thing over and over again because there is nothing specific to identify the frame (visual). In addition these 'media personnel' do another hilarious thing.They organize a group of thugs, beggars or drug addicts imported to the location from another area and ask them to tell the given story to the camera. They are willing to tell anything to the camera because they can show their faces on television and they get money and many other `benefits' for doing the task.

This is the tactic used to mislead the whole country about clearing forest reservations and felling valuable trees. The enemies of mother Lanka very successfully selected a hot topic and applied the Goebbelsian Theory very cunningly once again as usual in order to use it as a tool to sully the image of an extremely popular Government and the President. The `Laptop Army' and the Yahapalana cabbals who are behind creating this Goebbelsian Theory had one golden assurance. That is, they knew for sure that people of Sri Lanka do not spend money and time to visit those places where the so called `destruction of forest reservations' had taken place. They are sure of it. So they can tell and show anything to the people of the country. Unfortunately some patriotic people who visit and see the reality of this lie do not bother to tell it to the country through social media.

The majority of Sri Lankan journalists are school leavers, free lance journalists, the individuals who work in the media field as a side business etc. They are after money and fame. Anyone can buy them for a few thousands of rupees and get their `job' done. Some so-called 'media personnel' are working for a cup of tea, a glass of beer, a small gift or a tip of a few thousands rupees. Therefore giving publicity through the media for a `forest destruction' that had not taken place in Sri Lanka is a very easy task for anyone. Only a handful of individuals in Sri Lanka know how much money these so-called `media personnel' earn by selling a video clip or two to several television channels.

But the real mass media and real journalists have to spend a lot of money, time and resources to tell the entire country the truth.They have to visit all those so-called `forest destruction' sites. They have to take a lot of visuals of the entire area. They have to find and speak to the real villages who reside in the area. They have to spend days there. This is not an easy task.

The other pathetic situation is how some men and women try to score `marks' using such fabricated `forest destruction dramas'. There are crooked ones from NGOs, the Yahapalana cabal, and unfortunately some public servants with vested interests among them. But fortunately by now, people know that they are not genuine and are acting according to an agenda of a hidden political party, organization or a set of individuals who are connected to a political party or an NGO. The sun will rise from the West if anyone genuinely stands by something without obtaining loads of Facebook publicity.

We can lie to some people sometimes but we cannot lie to all the people all the time. But we should not forget the fact that the Goebbels' Theory can be applied again and again until mass media and especially social media exist in this world. We saw in the past that it is always too late when the real patriotic people of mother Lanka realize the truth.

All individuals and groups who lied to the people of Sri Lanka were sent home by the people without pardoning them. Now they can realize that they cannot fool all Sri Lankan people all the time. Now they have time to rest at home and think. But we cannot expect that they will do it. Instead of doing that, they will plan what to do next in order to mislead Sri Lankan people. Their `brainstorm' will be focused on setting up the next trap for the country and the people and not planning the development of the country and the betterment of the people.

Who knows ? may be `Clearing forest reservations drama' can be a part of it.