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Little Miss Puppet for free

The latest cinema effort of Kalpana and Vindana Ariyawansa brothers, Rookada Panchi (Little Miss Puppet) will be screened free for the personnel who shouldered a considerable task in containing the world-shaken pandemic. The personnel include tri-foces, police, health and media. The personnel will have the opportunity to watch the much-loved film gratis from October 2.

“The United States owns the largest cinema industry. India produces a vast number of films. These countries still have their movie theatres locked down. In such a backdrop, we could open our movie theatres. Our citizens can watch movies following proper health guidelines. So we have decided to make it free for a selected crowd as a token of gratitude,” said Vindana Ariyawansa.

The film was shown to children across the country free on October 1 to commemorate the World Children’s Day.