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Liquor becomes water at Seeduwa warehouse

Customs incurs Rs. 40 mn revenue loss

A consignment of foreign liquor imported in 2018 to re-export to Bangladesh has gone missing from a bonded warehouse in Seeduwa, it was reported yesterday.

The Customs suspects that the foreign liquor, which was imported on a duty-free basis had been released to the local market without paying the levies and caused an estimated revenue loss of Rs.40 million to the Government.

According to a declaration made by the private company, the importer to the Customs,  there should be 11,257 liters of foreign liquor in this 40ft container but, the Customs found 1,179 boxes of one-liter bottled mineral water instead of liquor, Sri Lanka Customs said.

This container had been brought into the country under the Customs special duty free scheme to be re-shipped to Bangladesh by November 2019.

However, mineral water bottles were found inside the container at the bonded warehouse when the Customs opened the container in the presence of the importers. Customs following several failed attempts had managed to inform the relevant parties who imported this container to be present for the container examination with the support of the CID.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Preventive Directorate of Sri Lanka Customs.