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Mannar Wind Power Plant ready by month end

To add 103.5 megawatts to National Grid
The Mannar coastline dotted with the wind power plants.
The Mannar coastline dotted with the wind power plants.

The Mannar Wind Power Plant, the largest wind power plant in the country, is all set to generate electricity by the end of this month.

Power Minister Dullas Alahaperuma said construction work of the power plant has reached its final stage and therefore a certain amount of megawatts of electricity will be generated by the end of this month. Within a few months the project will reach its full capacity and will supply electricity to the national grid.

The Minister made this revelation while inspecting the on-going construction work of the largest wind power plant in the country in Mannar on Wednesday.

The Mannar Wind Power Project is the largest wind power project of the Ceylon Electricity Board, with a capacity of 103.5 MW with an estimated investment of US$ 200 million, with a loan from the Asian Development Bank.

Although the approval for the Mannar Wind Power Project was granted in 2015 its construction work commenced in May 2019. The power plant has 30 turbine towers generating 3.45 MW each installed along a 12.5 km stretch of coastline. Of this total generation of 103.5 MW is categorized to renewable energy sector. The electricity generated through this project will be added to the national grid through the Nadukuda grid substation through an underground power line to the transmission center. The main contractor for the project is a Danish company.

“The Power Ministry and the Ceylon Electricity Board are working to ensure a quality, reliable, sustainable and affordable supply of energy for the national economic prosperity while ensuring the energy security of the nation,” the Minister said.

In addition to the construction of the power plant, the project will include the development of 26 km of roads as well as the construction of hostels for the officers implementing the project.

The land area used for this power plant project is about 150 hectares. Construction of the Mannar Wind Power Plant has been expedited with the implementation of proposals to promote the renewable energy sector with a special focus on the Policy Statement “Vision for the Prosperity”.