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‘Exporting brands pivotal than commodities’

Shalin Balasuriya
Shalin Balasuriya

Particularly in the digital age, consumers feel the need to connect with brands. Hence the brand narrative is an important element that will keep consumers engaged and interested.

The brand story should be authentic, engaging and consistent and should be carried through and across all touch points of the brand.

Addressing a webinar organised by Sri Lanka Export Development Board under the theme, ‘Creating a Brand to go Global – A Practical Approach’, Co-founder of Spa Ceylon Shalin Balasuriya said it is essential to export brands rather than commodities, hence brand identity should reflect your unique selling point and engage your consumers in a way that sets you apart and drives your core message.

It should be instantly recognisable and significantly different.

“Your sales channel is also going to be crucial to getting your products efficiently and profitably to your consumers. It will also dictate your product positioning. It is essential to pick a channel that allows you to showcase your products effectively. Also you need to engage with the correct consumer that gives you the width and breadth of distribution that your product needs.” Balasuriya said.

He said it is important to build processes that deliver consistent products and services to consumers. In an ever changing consumer space, trends, technology and consumer needs will change frequently. The brand must be agile enough to learn, forecast and evolve. Speaking on the importance of conducting market research, he said it is important to know the consumer behaviors, demographics, tastes, perceptions and immediate consumption while having a clear understanding about the industry trends, guidelines, new technologies and standards.

“In addition, you should know your competitors, evaluate their footprints, strengths, weaknesses and know their products as well as you know your own,” Balasuriya said.