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Aparajitha enters Sri Lanka

Aparajitha, a consulting service that is the market leader in India for compliance is in partnership with 3W Consulting bringing their services to the Sri Lankan market. The partnership hopes to take on the big 4 western accounting firms.

Aparajitha believes that due to Sri Lanka’s commonwealth legacy and widespread usage of the English language they will be able to gain market share quickly. Aparajitha and 3W Consulting made this announcement by joint webinar on September30.

Aparajitha will be providing their digitised ‘Compfie’ system through the partnership. The plan is to initially offer services with a front office in Colombo and a back operation in Madurai. Subsequently, a second back-office operation will be set up in Sri Lanka. Over a 3-5 year period, it will provide 500 direct employment opportunities.

Aparajitha began services in India over 20 years ago when the market was dominated by individuals, most of whom were government servants, selling services over a small geographic area.

The scope existed to form a corporation. The firm has since dealt with over 1500 Indian companies including major firms including Reliance, Airtel, ITC, and Oracle.

3W Consulting successfully secured a contract to digitise 51 government offices in Bahrain with the use of Sri Lankan IT firms. Bahrain subsequent to the contract became the 1st in the Middle East on digitisation metrics.

Managing Director Aparajitha Nagaraj Krishnan said,

“The partnership with 3W Consulting will make a significant difference in the market.”

Stefan Moraes said 3W Consulting’s international exposure as being one of the first Sri Lankan based firms to be able to go internationally and secure contracts of its size.

The partnership is part of a much broader Asia Pacific expansion plan of Aparajitha.