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Kandy to popularise Women’s cricket

Over here in Kandy cricket promoters have teamed up to support women and girls in cricket as a part of their 2020 cricket agenda. That’s why Kandy District Cricket Association, with support from the Central Province Cricket Association (CPCA), run cricket programs around Kandy city, bringing children together to unify as the next generation and build their life skills while they play.

So, the women’s cricket development program which was held on September 28 at the Pallekelle international stadium was a tremendous success. There were participants from Sixty four schools, attended the awareness program, where school coaches, teachers in charge of the sport were present and enjoyed the programme.

A top cricket promoter Sarath Ekanayake, Chairman of the Central Province Cricket Association, Janaka Pathirana - Secretary Central Province Cricket Association, Roland Pereira - President Kandy District Cricket Association, Apsari Thilakaratna - Head of Women’s Cricket at Cricket Srilanka Cricket, Malcolm Perera - the head coach of the Centrel Province, Amila Pinnaduwa - Provincial Coach along with six District coaches participated.

Sarath Ekanayake assured to promote and support to uplift the standard of women’s cricket in the Central Province. Central Province Cricket Association secretary Janaka Pathirana explained the infrastructure development work that is in progress and informed the participants of the possibility of providing training facilities to all schools that will take up to this sport in a big way.

Opportunity was given to all participants to give their views. There was a very good response from schools who requested assistance for coaching, training facilities and Equipment. Apsari Thilakaratna the representative od SLC assured to assist the Central Province Cricket Association in all matters since they have been very cooperative in all matters. Srilanka Cricket is in line with ICC where development is concern and plans are way to organize age group tournaments prior to selection process of the women’s Junior World Cup. Schools that are already playing hard ball cricket will be encouraged to play big matches to popularise the game among school children.

Head coach of the Central Province Malcolm Perera briefed the participants with expected coaching and tournament structure that will be implemented in the province.

At present five women’s teams from Kandy, four from Kegalle, three from Nuwara Eliya play hard ball cricket. This will be increased by 10 additional teams in each District, while Tape ball cricket will be introduced to ten schools in each District. Matches will be played Zonal level within the district and inter district matches will be played with in the province. In addition to the above inter school friendly matches will be played.

President of Kandy District cricket Association assured to uplift the women’s cricket standard in Kandy and requested the SLC to organize club tournaments that could accommodate outstation new clubs to participate in Sri Lanka Cricket tournaments.

Now Kandy city has gained a reputation for women’s cricket. And there is confidence that all participants are sure to play good cricket aiming represent the country someday.

Kandy’s women cricketers want to play their best cricket and show how well they have prepared. In the past few games, they have showed a great progress. Some of the games they have played were a wake-up call to motivate. They are sure if they are given the backing they will improve their skills in all aspects of cricket.