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Army begins leadership training for graduates

Leadership is not easy. It requires a great deal of commitment, hard work, patience and selfless sacrifice. In line with the ‘Saubhagayaye Dekma’ (Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour) policy initiated by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the recruitment of 50,000 graduates to the public sector got underway recently.

Under this project, the government of Sri Lanka has designed a comprehensive training programme for these graduates before they begin their career in the government service. The complete course which consists of five phases commenced its first phase on September 14 in 51 islandwide Army establishments.

A productive public service needs a human resource which is fine-tuned to meet present-day needs through training, performance appraisal and motivation.

Due to lack of leadership skills, team spirit, managerial skills, commitment, interest, flexibility, respect for society and an understanding of the objectives of government functions, the services offered by the public sector has been identified as inefficient.

Capacity development of the public service requires general and institution-specific training of all segments in the public sector. Therefore, a new methodology was needed to overcome all these challenges to achieve the full potential of the public sector to strengthen the government service. So the government has decided to design a training programme to enhance the knowledge, skills and motivation of the recruited graduates to ensure their effective contribution to the nation as a trained and energetic workforce.

This leadership training programme for graduates will be coordinated, monitored and administered by the Sri Lanka Army with the direct supervision and guidance of the Chief of Defence Staff and Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva. The Army Headquarters will monitor the entire programme in coordination with the Directorate of Training.

The three-week training module has been structured under five different stages and five conceptual areas, namely, leadership and team building training, training conducted in the private sector, training conducted in state institutions and conducting project work and field studies.

The highest concern has been given to the improvement of ideational factors and to inculcate national and personal values. All these are areas will ensure the quality of the workforce and their motivation to excel in their jobs.

Further, conceptual knowledge on leadership and management will be disseminated through well-structured and logical modules to improve the confidence and competence of the participants. In addition, an opportunity has been given to the participants to engage in the project work and field studies to improve their skills by identifying issues and possible solutions in relevant fields. This programme will be conducted in five different but interrelated modules including lectures, discussions, outdoor training activities, team building activities, study tours, capability studies and field studies.