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Pistontorque host Exclusive Performance Car Meet

Pistontorque Car Meet 2020 was held recently at the Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo.

Pistontorque is an exclusive website and blog for turning the spotlight on the Sri Lankan car culture and the passions of petrol heads in Sri Lanka, was launched in 2011.

The exclusive invite-only event featured 45+ performance cars from the early ’70s, 90’s and the late 2000’s from the likes of classic Mini Coopers, Civic Type R’s, Subaru STI’s, Lancer Evolutions, Nissan Silvia and Nissan Fairlady to name a few. Ardent car enthusiasts who attended the event say that the meet up was a much-needed escape to help petrol heads network and to regain their focus and passion for cars after the pandemic took a toll on everyone financially and mentally. The event enabled passionate petrol heads and like-minded ones to meet, mingle and network.

Attended by over 100 invitees, all the car owners were featured through a line-up of photography, videography and enjoyed a range of snacks and coffee hosted by the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, amidst electric music which set the ambience of the event.

Ramien Hodgson, Founder of Pistontorque said “A car is like a blank canvas to the car owner. We have the opportunity to make it the way we like, enhancing its aesthetic appearance tastefully, whilst paying attention to improving its functionality. A car is not just a car to the owner, it’s a story waiting to be told, be it a happy one or a sad. Just like photography and travelling, ours is an expensive hobby and a source of escape from challenges, fears and anxieties we face in life. Working on the car helps us to step back from problems to re-energise and to refocus with a clear perspective.”