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CID informs Court

Rs.13 mn credited to “Save the Pearls” organization

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) yesterday informed the Fort Magistrate’s Court that the investigations revealed that Rs.13 million has been credited to an organization called “Save the Pearls”, which allegedly belongs to Attorney-at-Law Hijaaz Hisbullah from an illegal Organization in Qatar.

Attorney-at-Law Hijaaz Hisbullah is being detained and interrogated by the Criminal Investigations in connection with having allegedly aided and abetted suicide bomber Mohammad Ibrahim Insaf Ahmed, who set off the bomb at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, during the Easter Sunday attacks last year.

The CID further stated that they will conduct a separate investigation under the Prevention of Money Laundering with regard to the money. The CID further pointed out that they have concluded the investigations and sent an abstract of the investigations before the Attorney General on September 17.

Hijaaz Hisbullah was represented by President’s Counsel Farman Cassim, Counsel Hafeel Farisz and few others respectively. The Magistrate fixed further inquiries for October 07.