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Opposition has options than shout against 20A - Minister

The Opposition shouting and protesting in Parliament against the 20th Amendment has no other outcome than wasting public money, Samurdhi, Household Economy, Micro Finance, Self Employment, Business Development and Underutilised Stat Resources Development State Minister Shehan Semasinghe said yesterday.

State Minister Semasinghe made this observation when the Opposition was demonstrating against the tabling of the draft 20th amendment to the Constitution in the House while interrupting the proceedings. Semasinghe had to carry out his speech on the debate on several amendments proposed for the Nationa Building Tax Act.

Semasinghe said: “There are two ways to demonstrate Opposition’s disagreement with these amendments. One, they can go to courts. Second they should get a two thirds majority. Other than that, there is no option.

Shouting and disturbing the proceedings won’t achieve anything. It only wastes public money and our time. We are not acting in a dictatorial manner like they did in the House. We remember how the Standing Orders were disregarded during the previous Parliament. We shall never withdraw 20th amendment just because some losers protest against it. We got two mandates to remove the 19th amendment and create a new Constitution.We only listen to the general public.

The Opposition cannot even protest properly. Those who initially joined the protest are now leaving and abandoning Sajith Premadasa, the same way they did during the election. In the future this support will also dwindle.”

Speaking on the proposed amendments Semasinghe said, “The present government, unlike the Yahapalana government, will continue with a solid tax policy that will not change constantly. Following these amendments we will not introduce more amendments.The public kicked out the previous government for reasons. They had a taxation policy which was not investor-friendly. It was suppressing the people,” he said.