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Ministry recommended removing two LTTE cadres from list - Ex. Defence Secretary

Former Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi testified before the Presidential Commission to investigate the Easter Sunday attacks on Saturday that the names of two LTTE cadres had been removed from the terror blacklist following a recommendation from the External Affairs Ministry.

He was responding to a query made by the Commission as to whether the request was approved during his tenure despite the rejection of same request by former Defence Secretary B.M.U.D. Basnayake to remove these LTTE activists from the terror black list.

Commission: This proposal came during the tenure of former Defence Secretary Basnayake and he rejected it.

Did that happen after he left the post?

Witness: “I got a request. Individual decisions cannot be made. Two names of members of the LTTE. Who removed those two names from the bad list?”

Witness: I do not remember. There is a way for the request to come.The proposal should come from the Human Rights Division of the Ministry of External Affairs.When such a request comes, we submit it to obtain the recommendations of the State Intelligence Service.That is how recommendations are received.These two names were recommended by the State Intelligence Service.

Commission:Do you need to get recommendations from foreign countries to remove the names in the bad list? There were 424 names in the bad list. There are now hundreds of those names.There were 16 organizations and only 6 of them.Who instructed you to do this?

Witness: He said the recommendations were made by the State Intelligence Service.