SLAF imports 10 sniffer dogs for drug detection | Daily News


SLAF imports 10 sniffer dogs for drug detection

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) had imported 10 sniffer dogs to be used for the detection of drugs and with the assistance of the Police, they are currently being trained in sniffing out drugs and will be ready to be deployed at key locations in the near future, Air Force Commander Air Marshal Sumangala Dias told the Daily News.

“We are training them purely on narcotics and definitely they will be deployed at airports for the purpose of detecting drugs being smuggled into the country. This would be a very productive effort in the drive to prevent drugs being smuggled into the country,” he added.

The Commander said that currently, the Police possess sniffer dogs and trainers knowledgeable on how to train sniffer dogs. He said that these are internationally trained personnel and they would be training the Air Force Trainers on training and handling these sniffer dogs.

During the war the Sri Lanka Air Force had deployed sniffer dogs at airports to detect explosives. Similarly, the Air Force Commander said that these new set of sniffer dogs would be trained exclusively to sniff out narcotics.

“Currently, we have a team, including 8-10 sniffer dogs that are thoroughly trained in this process and they would be deployed for drug detection operations within the next few weeks,” the Commander said.

In addition, the Sri Lanka Air Force has also deployed Y-12 aircrafts for surveillance of the waters surrounding the country to detect any drugs or other illegal substances being smuggled into the country via sea route and also illegal migrants entering the country by boat from neighbouring India.

Air Marshal Dias noted that these surveillance operations are conducted on a daily basis and if and when any suspicious activities are observed, the Navy is alerted and given the coordinates in order to intercept such illegal operations and arrest the suspects.

The Air Force has also been actively engaged during the recent past in destroying illegal Cannabis cultivations being carried out in deep forest areas out of the reach of law enforcement officers. However, as the Air Force has the capabilities to carry out surveillance operations from above giving them a birds-eye view of vast areas, they are better equipped to detect such illegal cultivations and even illicit liquor manufacturing operations deep within wooded areas. 

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