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Navy seizes explosives in Mullivaikkal

Some of the seized explosives.
Some of the seized explosives.

During a special search operation conducted in Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu, on Tuesday, Naval personnel seized a haul of explosives from a private construction site, the Navy stated in a press release.

The Eastern Naval Command discovered the explosive among rubble at the site. It is suspected that the explosives had been left behind by terrorists during the 30-year civil war, the statement read.

Among the seized contraband were around 45kg of TNT (in three plastic boxes), approximately 5kg of C4, seven 81mm mortars, 15 fuses, 118 expelling charges, a claymore mine, a section of an unidentified bomb (approximately 08kg in weight), and an electric detonator, the Navy stated. The explosives were handed over to the Mullaitivu Police for further investigations.

Police are to conduct more search operations to if there are more explosives at the site, the statement added.