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SL Telecom launches SLT eSiphala to enhance facilities for e-learning

With the increasing dependency on online teaching and learning at present, Sri Lanka Telecom launched “SLT eSiphala”, the online teaching platform that would enhance the digital teaching the learning experience.

The advanced e-learning technologies available on SLT eSiphala, allows teachers to connect up to 20,000 students in a session as well as create virtual classrooms to organize their teaching. The platform also enables them to conduct live or pre-recorded sessions, along with scheduling online assignments and tests together with marking systems. In addition, online certificates and progress reports for each student canbe issued through SLT eSiphala.

The sessions can be made interactive with the chat, whiteboard, screen-share and file-sharefeatures. As students can upload homework assignments and projects, both Teacher and Student can track their progress. The mobile-friendly feature of SLT eSiphala makes it more accessible to teachers and students even on the go. Connecting to some of the best lecturers in the island is made possible to students all across the island and benefits them at a time when education is mostly based on the digital arena.

SLT and Mobitel offer special data packages to SLT eSiphala users with dedicated back-end support, through two special packages, ‘LMS Lite’ and ‘LMS Max’. These packages can be activated via the SLT self-care app, adding data bundles through Data add-ons. SLT users can choose to either pay the course fees online or opt for it to be added to the SLT bill.

Similar packages are also available on Mobitel for eSiphala. Mobitel users can also get access to the platform by selecting the eLearning packages tab on the DataMart App.