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Poetry with substance

Book Review

Priyantha Kodippili’s latest book of poems, ‘Piduma Samareta’ was unveiled at the public library auditorium with a gamut of crowd representing his fans, artistes and scholars.

His first book on poems named as ‘Kodi’ was launched in 2018. The latest being a sequel has a compilation of poems written by Kodippili aka Kodi on artistes of yesteryear, Sinhala cinema, politicians and modern-day artistes.

Usually poetry cater to a certain segment of readers who are passionately entwined with the subject. Yet when it comes to Kodi’s poems, this norm takes a twist. He magically addresses the inner thoughts of any reader with his poems enriched with substance.

Kodi being a reasonably young writer time-travels to the 1970s which was the golden era of Sinhala cinema to produce striking poems on personalities like Tony Ranasinghe, W Jayasiri, Sonia Disa, Sena Samarasinghe or Milton Mallawarachchi.

In the process he kindles pleasant memories of those who have experienced the magic in that era. He has also not forgotten a contemporary like Ajith Seneviratne who does wonders with his camera.

Kodi says, “I was not passionate towards opening a Facebook account for myself. However, association with Samara Wijesinghe aka Samare who was an engineer and an author prompted me to grasp social media. All these poems in my new book, ‘Piduma Samareta’ were ones that I wrote on my Facebook wall. The response from readers encouraged me to compile this book of poetry. I have deep gratitude towards Samare for encouraging me to embrace social media to communicate with the masses.”

This Gag writer turned Poet thus on embracing social media has evolved to become a force to reckon with.

Kodi with his friendly disposition and modest behavior induces life to any forum he graces, be it a book launch, film premier or a friendly get-together. This down-to-earth nature would have attracted people from diverse spheres towards his book launch.

Veteran singer Nihal Nelson who himself is a fan of Kodi has written an agreeable poem in praise of Kodi for the back cover of the book.

‘Piduma Samareta’ is a self-publication of Priyantha Kodippili.