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Seeking spirituality

De Mazenod College, Kandana
Head Boy of De Mazenod College, Kandana, Sihina Sithumina Pictures by Sarath Peiris
Head Boy of De Mazenod College, Kandana, Sihina Sithumina Pictures by Sarath Peiris

Many live their lives seeing, hearing and doing nothing, but Perfect Prefects features Head Boy of De Mazenod College Kandana, Sihina Sithumina’s eyes see and ears are open to the plight of others. Bravery is his key feature.

Spirituality today is being recognized as fundamental to our existence. Today and now more than ever before people are searching for meaning in their lives. For many spirituality means many things but many agree that it is a recognition of something greater than yourself or any of us on this earth.

“The students are the future of our motherland Sri Lanka. For me, it is essential that I start with the children who are under my care. I wish to make a change within the school. However, I am not alone in my task. I have with me my fellow Prefects. Together with them I would like to improve the spiritual life of the students who are directly under my care, understanding nothing is impossible when it comes to God,” explained Sithumina.

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved”­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ - Mother Teresa.

Sithumina feels that because of a lack of love in this world, we see people completely losing their way in life, we see children becoming cold and remote. Having very little connection with other people, lacking affection, warmth or feeling. We know that when someone is vulnerable, it is an open invitation for social evils to coming knocking at the door.

“I call this a menace. I feel that in order to prevent a child from going astray, parents and teachers really need to form close relationships with children. The child should be made to feel loved and wanted or even needed. If a child is made to feel that he can talk to his or her parents about anything, any advice, then that will safeguard the child,” said Sithumina.

His success in life is directly a result of his upbringing. Right throughout his life, his parents, teachers, sports coaches and principal have guided him and molded him into the man he is today. It is his firm conviction that God has blessed us all with talents and if we give our 100 percent we can move mountains.

His message to the younger generation is to first believe in themselves. Belief is a powerful thing. You need to believe in the right things. Your thought life can really make you or break you. Challenges are not insurmountable. He wishes to say that you must not be timid but be bold and make use of every opportunity that comes to you. Do not hide your talents says Sithumina.

Sithumina’s dream is to become a professional cricketer and a role model to many young people in life. He also wishes to excel when it comes to his field of education. From Grade 5 he has played for his school cricket side. Through playing the game of cricket he has developed valuable qualities such as determination and perseverance. He has developed his leadership qualities and has learnt how to make quick decisions. He has also learnt the value of unity and team work.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” - Mahatma Gandhi.

When it comes to leaders, he admires Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. And he was later nicknamed ‘Mahatma’, for ‘Great soul’ and he is recognized as a great spiritual leader and father of Indian independence. Gandhi’s exceptional leadership and solutions to social evils have certainly made an impression on Sithumina.

“When it comes to present world leaders, I admire Imran Khan. I have seen the way he led his troops on the field. He led his fighting Pakistanis to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. I think when it comes to Leadership, a great leader has that emotional connection maintaining good personal relationships,” said Sithumina.

Sithumina looks up to his father. His father has always been with him guiding him and advising him, and he has been a pillar of strength to Sithumina. When about to take a wrong turn in his life his father has always been there to steer him in the correct path. Through his actions he has been an example to Sithumina.

“My school has been a never- ending source of encouragement. I have also never missed an opportunity. I have made full use of every opportunity that came my way. I have been given the role of captain of my school cricket team which has been a real incentive for me. My school has made me a very confident young man. By giving me the prefect-ship in Grade 10, I have been given the chance to develop my abilities and grow as a person. Since that time, I have gained so much experience facing so many challenges,” added Sithumina.

When handling difficult situations Sithumina sees them as a series of challenges which must be overcome in order for you to progress to the next level in life. However, he is intelligent enough to know when to seek advice from the school administration, his teachers, friends and parents. After seeking advice then he plans his next move.

Sithumina appreciates good music saying that he listens to all types of songs. They could be Sinhala, English, rock songs, pop songs and romantic songs and songs in English movies. He says music helps him to relax when in moments of stress.

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