Meeting to discuss inter-communal peace held in Batticaloa | Daily News


Meeting to discuss inter-communal peace held in Batticaloa

Measures to promote coexistence among all communities in the Batticaloa District were discussed at a meeting of the National Peace Council of Sri Lankan, at the Batticaloa Corporative Auditorium, last Sunday.

Ideas, opinions, and practical suggestions were discussed towards the realization of this objective. Religious dignitaries from various faiths exchanged their views at the event.

The Project Officer of the National Peace Council of Sri Lankan in the Batticaloa District said that after the impact of the Coronavirus, the need for national unity and coexistence was greater than before. Therefore, all communities have to be integrated and by these, he added.

The various conflicts arising under certain circumcises can be reduced. If all communities work in unison, the conflict among them will die down. Division and conflict prevent the attainment of cooperation and goodwill among the communities. Therefore, after this, anyone should advocate policy and plans that will unify the communities and not divert them, he said.

At this meeting, proposals for the coming three years were forwarded by inter-religious groups.

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