Since August 18, 2020, after the Military coup was carried out to oust the former President IBK, Military Junta was unable to established socio political transition in Mali, is pressurized by the ECOWAS ( Economic Community of West African States ) and other international organizations. ECOWAS member countries require that the president and prime minister of the transition in Mali be civilians and that they be appointed not later than September 15 and this decision has been taken during a meeting at a summit consisting of 15 state heads in Niamey, Niger, on September 5 and till such time decided to maintain the sanctions previously imposed.

On September 7 the current President of the (ECOWAS), Nigerien President Issoufou Mahamadou, in Niamey expressed that the military junta must support them in helping Mali and hopeful that it will respond favourably to the measures taken by their community along with other strategic partners of the Malian people, who have the same hope. Further the President of Niger stated that Mali needs stability more than ever so that the strong aspirations of the Malian people for security and development are fully met. It is the duty of our community to assist Malians for a rapid restoration of all democratic institutions.

In the meanwhile, on the next date (September 8 ) the national office of the Popular Movement of September 4, also called (MP4), has organized a large popular rally in support of the Malian army at the Boulevard de l'Indépendance. This large rally arranged by the Popular Movement of September 4 was a historic gathering. Their aim is to support and back the Malian army in the establishment of a successful transition, and to lay the foundations for an emerging and stable Mali. In addition, this huge rally demonstrated the support of the masses to the Malian army. Further it invited Malians to unite around the national army in its fight against terrorism and insecurity.

Rally conducted by the Popular Movement of September 4 (MP4)

Subsequently the consultations between the military and civil society commenced on last Saturday. These discussions were focussed on how civilians back the head of the country since the coup against President IBK on August 18.The Junta along with CNSP, confirmed that the national consultations were planned to held in two phases. The first phase of these consultations was organized by the governors of regions in Bamako on September 05 and in all the regional capitals in the form of workshop to validate the terms of reference. The second phase of these consultations will take place from September 10 to 12, 2020. This second phase will bring together delegates from Bamako, as well as all regions of Mali and those from the diaspora. During the second phase of the consultations, participants, including political parties, civil society, unions and armed groups signatories to the peace agreement will come out with clear ideas about the duration of the transition, its organs and the actors who will lead it. This process was started merely to ease the tension posed by the ECOWAS and later on the junta's spokesman, Ismaël Wagué admitted that there is too much pressure and this is an arduous task that military is working on to maintain a less heated social climate and maintain good contacts with neighbouring friends in the subregion in order to lessen or even eliminate the ECOWAS sanctions that have been weighing on our country for the past two weeks.

Over and above ninety-three (93) Members of Parliament signed a memorandum calling the Heads of State of ECOWAS for the re-establishment of the National Assembly of Mali for the sake of constitutional continuity or consensual continuity. According to the MPs, the decree dissolving the National Assembly by former President IBK is “null and void” because the dissolution of the National Assembly was neither free, nor discretionary, nor personal, for the fact that the President of the Republic was deprived of any consent. They also encouraged the re-establishment of the Malian Constitution, and the creation of a government of national unity, political and institutional reforms, as stipulated in the recommendations of the National Inclusive Dialogue. The memorandum was signed by 93 over 147 MPs, including most of parliamentary groups.

The CMA (Coordination of the Movements of Azawad ), most powerful and influential armed group controlling the Northern region of Mali has aware of the importance of the involvement of all national actors, takes note of the initiatives taken so far by the CNSP. But they wish for deep dialogue with national level consultations to the main issue and other related aspects. Based on this principle, it had called for a more structured high-level meeting that should lay the groundwork for present and future collaboration between it and all the actors in charge of implementing the transition and to identify by mutual agreement the stumbling blocks for a sustainable way out of the crisis, particularly the first outlines initiated in the form of national consultations.

When the negotiations efforts are happening to establish a transition government, the CNSP has declared three days of national mourning following the attack in Guiré that took the lives of Malian soldiers. According to the latest assessment communicated to the public, the FAMa (Malian Armed Forces) shot dead more than twenty terrorists on September 3, 2020 during the attack in Guire that claimed the lives of a dozen soldiers. The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Oumar Diarra went to the bedside of the wounded soldiers attached to FAMa of the attack in Guire-Nara on Friday, September 4, 2020. Military funeral honours will be given to the FAMa soldiers, who died in Guire (Nara) on Sunday, September 6, 2020.

Military Funeral Honours to FAMA soldiers who died in Guire

Consecutively two French soldiers died, and one soldier was seriously injured on Saturday 05 2020, after their armored vehicle was destroyed by an improvised explosive device during an operation in the village of Tessalit in northern Mali. The President of the Republic bows with deep respect before the sacrifice of these soldiers of the 1st regiment of parachute hussars of Tarbes, who died for France in the accomplishment of their mission against terrorism in the Sahel. At present there are 5,100 French soldiers deployed in entire Mali to fight against terrorism. Since 2014 a total of 45 French soldiers, including the two soldiers killed on Saturday sacrificed their lives to bring peace for Mali. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron expressing his sincere condolences to their families, loved ones and all their brothers in arms, again empathized that for the establishment without delay of a civil political transition in Mali, in accordance with the expectations of his people, all the countries that support him for an effective fight against terrorists.

Obeying ECOWAS conditions the head of Mali's ruling junta visited ousted President IBK on Thursday 03 2020, at the clinic where he was hospitalized after suffering a short stroke. A delegation of the ruling military, led by its leader, Colonel Assimi Goïta, has met family members of the ousted President IBK and informed them if they wish to travel to another country for further medical treatment it can be facilitated.

The Mali’s close related neighbouring country, Mauritania has sent their Minister of Foreign Affairs Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed, accompanied by a strong delegation to Bamako on Thursday 04, 2020.The head of the Mauritanian delegation visited the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs. They were received by the President of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP), Colonel Assimi Goita. The meeting was extended to several members of the Military Committee, including its spokesman, Colonel Major Ismael Wagué, and 2nd Vice President Colonel Sadio Camara. Also present was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Boubacar Gouro Diall. At the end of the meeting, the head of the Mauritanian delegation expressed his views to the press that he came on the instructions of his President, Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, to pay a courtesy visit of solidarity to the Malian people, at the same time to inquire about the current further stated that as Mauritanians, everything that affects Mali affects Mauritania, not only are we neighbors, but we are intertwined with each other. Also, the recent evolution of the socio-political situation in Mali does not leave this neighbouring and brother country indifferent.

Finally, under the tremendous pressure of the ECOWAS and other international actors, Military Junta along with CNSP are trying their best to formulate a socio political transition under a civilian leadership. But the paramount important aspect of this process is to open the avenues to the signatory armed groups such as CMA and platform who are totally controlling the northern part of Mali with immense financial fueling of Algeria to be part and parcel of this negotiation process to bring immediate peace and harmony to Malian population.

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