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Northern power plant recommences

Officials of MTD Walkers visiting the Jaffna plant
Officials of MTD Walkers visiting the Jaffna plant

The Northern Power Plant owned and operated by MTD Walkers PLC will recommence operations shortly after a court order.

An order was issued for closure of the Northern Power Plant by the Mallakam Magistrate in January 2015 claiming some groundwater contamination in Jaffna. “However, since it was well proven that the Northern Power Plant is in no way responsible for the regrettable water contamination issue, in April last year Supreme Court has given a ruling to reopen the Northern Power Plant and to start its operation,” said Group Director of MTD Walkers PLC, Dr. Arosha Fernando.

“We are committed to working in the interest of all stakeholders while maintaining the highest standards of corporate ethics and good governance’ Dr. Arosha said.

The Northern Power Station a 36 MW fuel-oil burning power station built in Chunnakam, Jaffna by Northern Power Company, a leading subsidiary company of MTD Walkers PLC which won a Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) tender to urgently set up a power station in Jaffna.

‘Northern Power Company has commenced the construction work in 2007 during the height of the civil conflict when no company or individual was willing to even venture into the North by taking all risks to provide much-needed power to the people of Jaffna.

Generation commenced in May 2009 at end of the War, and a larger population which had suffered severe hardships for over 15 years had electricity in their homes due to this venture,” said Dr. Fernando.

“Dedicated to serving Jaffna, the company at that time has contributed to the major amount of power as there was no other source and because Jaffna was not connected to the national grid until 2012. The company went through many hardships especially with no road transport facility available and us having to transport all material and personnel by air or sea at a very high cost. MTD Walkers’ have invested over Rs. 4.5 billion for this project,” he added.

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