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Challenging the people’s mandate


The 20th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka will be the wish of over 6.9 million people who voted for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Government during recent elections.

It is the wish of the people and nothing else.But as usual, we can hear loud barks against the 20th Amendment. It is something similar to the sun rising from the East.This cabal consists of individuals and groups which receive a large amount of dollars from the countries waiting for the downfall of Sri Lanka.They want to destroy Sri Lanka and gain benefits just as they did to Haiti, Sudan and Palestine.They moved towards their target very successfully until November 16, 2019 (last year). But intelligent and patriotic Sri Lankan people stopped it on November 16 last year and made sure on August 5 this year that those local individuals and groups do not destroy this priceless motherland of ours. That is why the Sri Lankan people made sure that they do not get elected to Parliament again.

But there are still some barking against making people’s dreams a reality. They do because it is their job and it is what they get paid for. Therefore we cannot expect anything other than barking from them. But the Government needs to identify them accurately and carefully because they very shrewdly inserted their spies and members’ into patriotic groups just after the Sri Lankan people showed the entire world where they stand on May 1 in 2017 in Galle Face Green. Since then they have been wearing `Patriots’ clothes’ and barking against people’s wishes standing with real patriots.

The best measurement that the Government can use to identify these two types is finding out who stood by the heroic leaders who saved the country from the barbaric LTTE on May 18 in 2009 and who stood by them from January 8 in 2015, the day conspirators mislead the Sri Lankan people using Goebbels’ Theory and to May 1, in 2017, the day which Sri Lankan people showed the whole world where they stand and with whom they stand. This date can be extended until February 10 in 2018 in order to accommodate a few more less harmful individuals. This is the last day that genuinely patriotic individuals were allowed to join with real patriotic sons and daughters of mother Lanka who proved their sincerity towards their motherland on May 18 in 2009 all the others who joined the side cannot be trusted and may be having their own hidden evil agendas.

The real Sri Lankan patriotic people voted for the leader of the patriotic heroes and made him the President of Sri Lanka on November 16 last year and then they brought his team into the Parliament on August 5 this year.

As usual, the spies and members of those creeped into the patriotic side now are barking against the 20th Amendment along with the set of those deployed by NGOs to destroy the country showing their true colours to the Sri Lankan people. One day they have to ask people to vote for them again and on that day the Sri Lankan people will teach them a good lesson.

No matter who says what, Sri Lanka needs a powerful Executive President. He should be able to dissolve Parliament whenever he wants because ‘agents of NGOs’ can be ‘planted’ through MPs who enter Parliament on people’s votes by misleading people and they can carry out their job assigned by the NGOs in Parliament. They never cared about the people’s mandate. What they did until last March was very clearly carrying out the agenda assigned by certain foreign countries and NGOs to make Sri Lanka another Haiti. Sri Lankan people watched this happen for a period of four and half years from 2015 to 2020.

Sri Lankans saw and experienced for themselves how some individuals and independent ‘Commissions’ functioned during the past four and half years.

Therefore, there is no need to explain it to the people again and again. They were well aware of the individuals who were in them and how they functioned according to foreign agendas. That is why they said `No’ to the 19th Amendment very clearly and loudly during previous elections.

Unfortunately the majority of Sri Lankan people have no idea about what happened to Haiti, Sudan, Palestine etc. But fortunately even without knowing those important historical details, the patriotic Sri Lankan people used their priceless vote to ensure the safety of their sacred motherland and send home the traitors of mother Lanka. If Sri Lankans get the opportunity to learn about the history of Haiti, Sudan, Palestine etc they will never vote ever again for any of the political parties now in the Opposition.

Current `Haiti’ is a creation of the world, its failures often purposely created by outsiders, though almost always in collusion with the Haitian elite, who stand to profit from these failures. In this, it is not dissimilar to other corrupt countries with a history of colonial exploitation. The cheaper US rice undercut and effectively destroyed Haitian rice farming. A country that was largely self-sufficient in this staple in the 1980s was importing 80 percent of its rice by 2012. Haitians have rarely been fat, but the food crisis and food dependency began when weak Haitian leaders agreed to open the country’s markets to predatory global forces. The crisis in rice farming also initiated a huge flow of rural people to the capital, because rice cultivators and their families could no longer survive in the villages.

Sri Lanka was almost becoming another Haiti by the time of November last year. Almost everything was imported to the country. Plastic rice was one of those items. People made balls out of cooked plastic rice and played games instead of eating rice. Some housewives posted videos of how they play with these ‘plastic rice balls’. Almost everything including Vesak lanterns were imported to Sri Lanka. Usually items such as Vesak lanterns were handmade by Sri Lankan people as a tradition in the past.

The draft 20th Amendment proposes to restore full legal immunity to the President, a provision scrapped by the 19th Amendment. This is essential because the current President who has already proved his sincerity towards motherland practically in the past should be protected and no foreign element or a local agent/agents of foreign elements should not be allowed to file cases against him. It is the wish of the Sri Lankan people who voted for him in the middle of various threats.

The so-called previous Constitutional Council that appointed members to Independent Commissions would be replaced with a Parliamentary Council, according to the draft.The Parliamentary Council would only be allowed to exercise observational powers and would be void of the President’s representatives and three civil representatives who were in the constitutional council. This is an excellent step because the Sri Lankan people do not wish to give any power to so-called `Civil Representatives’ who are actually agents of foreign elements which aimed at destroying Sri Lanka and creating another `Haiti’ here. Sri Lankan people do not want crooks to obtain controlling powers. They want the members of Parliament elected by them to have power.

The appointment of the Chief Justice, Justices of the Supreme Court, Chairman and justices of the Court of Appeal, members of the Judicial services commission can be made by the president, according to the draft. This is essential because the entire country saw how certain top officials’ `naked dances’ displayed while wearing uniforms during the past five years.

Under the proposed 20th Amendment, the President will be allowed to appoint the Police Commission that will appoint the police chief. The Sri Lankan people saw what happened during the past five years when it came to the ‘Police’ under the Yahapalanaya facade. There is no need to waste words to describe the same again.

The President would be allowed to dissolve Parliament in a year, as opposed to the limit of four-and-a-half years set out in the 19th Amendment. This is essential because it is very much possible to send agents of foreign elements to Parliament through any election. The people of Sri Lanka will see their real face only after appointing them as members of Parliament and otherwise the people will have to wait five long years to change them. But now the people can identify traitors as soon as they show their true faces. During the past five years voters waited without being able to defeat MPs elected by them after their real faces were exposed.

Meanwhile, the minimum age limit for a person to contest for the presidency has been reduced to 30 from 35, according to the 20 A Draft.The earlier 35 age limit was brought in aiming at one person, Namal Rajapaksa, the elder son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now anyone above the age of 30 can become President of Sri Lanka.

The law barring dual citizens from entering Parliament, that was introduced under the 19th Amendment aiming at the former Defence Secretary and now President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, has also been revoked.The people will decide whether to send individuals with dual citizenships to Parliament or not. It is not the job of NGOs and their agents of foreign countries. The people of Sri Lanka should get what they want and what they voted for and not what foreign elements and their local agents want. By now Sri Lankan people have understood very well who the traitors of mother Lanka are and the patriots are. Dual citizenship or nothing will be able to delete their memory of the last five years.

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