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Number of National Schools to be increased to 1,000

A decision was taken to increase the number of National Schools to 1,000 and provide equal facilities to every School, the President’s Media Division said.

Issuing a statement, the PMD said several decisions pertaining to the welfare of the public and the progress of society were taken during a meeting between President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and all State Ministers at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday (10).

“Increasing the number of National Schools to 1,000 in the country is one such decision.

Some of the existing National Schools are there only in name. They lack adequate facilities. These schools will also be developed expeditiously,” the statement said.

During the meeting between the President and the State Ministers it was decided to appoint District Educational Committees for the development of the school network.

A decision was also taken to improve coordination between zonal offices and divisional offices.

The opportunity to contribute to any activity that will ensure the progress of the school system except the transfer of teachers and admission of students is available for politicians.

However, the President pointed out, it is only for the benefit of society and not for political interference. Attention was drawn during the meeting to appoint Acting Principals to fill existing vacancies in Principal Grades.

Teaching exams should be held once a year according to the Teacher Service regulations. The main reason for vacancies in Principal posts is due to the failure to conduct these examinations in a methodical manner.

It was also decided to explore the possibility of appointing competent and experienced teachers in schools as Acting Principals.

Flooding in urban areas during the rainy season was another topic taken up for discussion. Even a minor shower would inundate the City of Colombo.

“We introduced a permanent solution for this problem. It was not operative during the last five years and the issue remains.

The responsibilities have been assigned to multiple institutes and it is one of the reasons for this failure,” President Rajapaksa said while emphasizing the significance of avoiding such weaknesses and resolving these issues immediately.

The need to implement more effective measures aimed at controlling illicit drug trade while establishing Civil Defence Committees to assist the exercise of eradicating the drug menace were discussed in detail.

The President also pointed out the importance of a Public Service that can actively contribute to the country’s development process while improving the efficiency of the service. Some officials are afraid to make decisions. This situation must be changed.

President Rajapaksa emphasized the need for politicians and government officials to work together in making the Public Service more efficient and streamlined. Secretary to the President P.B.Jayasundera also participated in the discussion.


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