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Navy seizes over 142kg Kerala cannabis

The seized cannabis.
The seized cannabis.

The Navy seized over 142kg of Kerala cannabis during special search operations conducted in the Northern and North-Central Naval Commands between Wednesday and Thursday, the Navy stated in a press release, yesterday.

After having spotted a suspicious dinghy in the sea area off Vaththirayan in Vettalakeni, the Northern Naval Command apprehended a suspect attempting to enter the land at the Vaththirayan beach.

When the arrest was made, the Navy recovered nine packages containing 43.27kg of Kerala cannabis concealed in the dinghy, the statement read.

Furthermore, a suspect at the beach to take the delivery of Kerala cannabis was also taken into custody, along with his motorcycle, the press release added.

In another search operation, the North-Central Naval Command found 98.78kg of Kerala cannabis stuffed in 24 packages, hidden in shrubs by racketeers at Kaththalampiddi in Iluppukaddawai, the statement said.

The Navy said these operations were conducted following the guidelines stipulated by health authorities for the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, the Navy took into custody over 142kg of Kerala cannabis, a motorcycle, a dinghy, and two suspects, the Navy stated.

The apprehended persons have been identified as residents of Pesalei and Vaththirayan, aged 32 and 42. The accused, along with seized items, were handed over to the Palai and Illupukadawai Police for further investigations, the statement added.

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