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President to State Ministers:

‘Simple start can lead to great change’

A simple start can make a big difference over time. Therefore, initiate the process with the simplest step. Every ministry can render a great service with simple tasks, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

He was addressing State Ministers at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday, the President’s Media Division stated in a communiqué.

“When we came to power in 2005, we even could not get out; there were garbage everywhere. There were three garbage mounds within 100 yards from my official residence at that time. Proper waste removal is an easy process,” the President said.

“The review of scope and role of the recently-established state ministries could be completed in the next three weeks,” he said, adding that the structure of the state ministries was formulated to address the issues identified within last few years.

“I think that you have a clear understanding as to how much work can be done by these ministries. You have been entrusted with the responsibility of working in agreement with ministers on a common policy. It is our duty to meet the expectations of the people. Fulfill your responsibilities with the assistance of the officials,” the President added.

President Rajapaksa emphasized that future works should be done according to a plan and asked to evaluate the amount of work that can be done from year to year and prepare a five-year plan.

“Officials may say that everything has been done and in order. But strategies and plans are useless if they are confined only to their files and folders. You have to take them to the ground and make them a reality. It’s the key role of a State Minister,” the President said.

President Rajapaksa reminded everyone of his promise of a “true change” he made during the Presidential election and reaffirmed that he would change the current political culture in the country.

“I am bound by that responsibility and you as well. Make the maximum out of this opportunity to shape your political life,” President Rajapaksa added.

During his discussion with the State Ministers, the President touched upon number of areas including, Agriculture, Technological innovations, Housing Development, Water supply, Urban Development, and Cost of living. As an example, the President cited that he had established three state ministries to ensure development of agriculture.

“Some paddy lands are abandoned; they are no longer suitable for cultivating paddy.

We granted permission for the Agrarian Services Centres to cultivate other crops in them. Likewise, you can use such lands to plant coconut trees as well,” the President added.

President Rajapaksa said he expects to meet the state ministers every month to exchange ideas, and that it would assist them in resolving issues they encounter when they move forward with their actions.

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