Overcrowding impedes studies at Anuradhapura Government schools | Daily News


Overcrowding impedes studies at Anuradhapura Government schools

Teachers in government schools in the Anuradhapura Education Zone have revealed that students and teachers are unable to pursue their studies freely due to overcrowding in the classrooms from Grade 6 to Grade 13.

This situation has arisen in many government schools in Anuradhapura. Although the number of students has been limited to 44 in many schools, the number of students in one class has increased to 50 or 60, they said.

“Children cannot do their work freely. They are all stuffed into single classroom; neither can they learn nor can we teach. They find it difficult to move as there is no space,” teachers said. Commenting on this, President of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union S. Priyantha Fernando said that international schools have 35 students in a classroom, but most government and are filled beyond capacity. He added that in some instances, there are nearly 70 children cramped in a small classroom. When contacted regarding the matter, Anuradhapura Zonal Director of Education Mahesha Manjarika Hettiarachchi said, “Yes, this situation is very serious in some schools; we have increased the number of classrooms in some schools to 14 due to this problem.” 

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