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Pustule (Abscess) in dogs

Dogs are energetic animals. They don’t lie down lazily in one place. They run around. While engaging in these activities, dogs may end up with wounds and abrasions on the skin. If these lesions are not big enough the owner may not notice them. Germs can enter through these minor openings. These openings may heal, but germs present under the scar can cause inflammation. As the opening is closed, pus accumulated under the skin may look like a nodule. After awhile the pustule will rupture, releasing pus outside. There will be an open wound.


Dogs will display symptoms such as fever, less ability to eat or a loss of appetite, redness in the place, pain in touch, or large nodule under the skin. The dog may lick the place time to time. If you notice such a nodule, it is better to consult the vet as soon as possible. The nodule may be similar to a soft dough feeling in touch.


You have to be ready with a clear history as it is very important to rule out this condition. The veterinarian will examine the site carefully without making it rupture. A needle aspiration is needed to check whether it is a pustule or cyst or blood filled nodule etc. Sometimes the vet will take samples to determine the best antibiotic to treat by ABST (Anti Biotic Sensitivity Test). If your dog is severely ill, it may be necessary to do blood tests before treating the animal.


The preferable method of treatment is to drain the pustule by surgically opening it and cleaning it. Surgery may be done under general anesthesia or sedation or local anesthesia or without any sedation. Proper cleaning is necessary. You have to present the dog to a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. After the first cleaning there will be a production of pus for several days. Therefore, your vet will ask you to bring the animal for several days to clean the wound. This is very important.

After care

Never close a wound having pustule. Cleaning and wound dressing daily or twice a day is necessary for quick wound healing. Until your vet advices you to do wound dressing at home you must take the dog to the vet to clean the wound. Treating with pills is also important. If you are unable to give pills to your dog, discuss with the vet and go for injectable antibiotics daily.

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