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A true love story!

When the whole country was under Covid 19 lockdown, we did not have much work to do other than reading, cooking, gardening or watching news! But quite soon an unexpected visitor emerged at our doorstep. On a Saturday evening, my brother and I heard the noise of a puppy whining. Stray puppies were hardly seen on our lane, so both of us went out to see what was going on. But as we went out and searched for it, we did not see anything but an almost empty lane with few parked vehicles of our neigbours. So we both went inside the house.

But towards the night, the same noise could be heard and I rushed out to the gate and listened carefully. I reacted to the cry of the puppy. But after that there was no response from the animal.

However I was not willing to give up as I sensed that the puppy must have got trapped somewhere underground. I went out and peeped into the long drain through an open hole, but failed to see any puppy trapped inside.

It was around 7 in the evening, but I waited outside for a little longer. Again after a while I heard the same “help – me please” (pup version!!) voice! There was a small cardboard box in between the wall opposite my house and a parked vehicle and it took me only a few seconds to see a tiny ball of brown fur inside the box.

Quickly I called my brother and mother as well and they knew what had happened. A ruthless human being must have dumped the innocent puppy here.

No wonder it was a female puppy! But we, being more compassionate human beings decided to bring the puppy inside our garden.

We kept it in a box and wrapped it with an old towel to keep it warm. Next we fed it with milk using an old glass bottle.

However my mother warned us not to take it inside as it had not been vaccinated. Since the garage was a safe place the tiny puppy spent her first night under our care in the garage!

The next day I rang my father’s friend who was a vet. Since the clinic was closed, he asked me to keep the puppy with us carefully, “please do not let it scratch you,” he warned.

The puppy was in good health and she got used to taking solid food soon. We did not have any other pets at home. So quite soon she became our best friend.

We called her Gypsy girl! She does not belong to any of the ‘so called great breeds,” but she is surely a great dog who keeps us happy and warm. She is a true friend indeed! She is as good as any pedigree dog!

Gypsy is about seven months old now. She was taken to the vet for vaccinations soon after the curfew was lifted. At the moment we are wondering whether to sterilize her or just give her one chance!

Anyway Gypsy is a happy girl now. So are we. We all know that true love matters more than ‘breeds.’ - Ganga Fernando


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