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Newly elected MPs inconvenienced

Some of the newly elected MPs specially from rural areas have been greatly inconvenienced as a result of most of the former Members of Parliament overstaying their official residences at Madiwela MPs Housing Complex.

Spokesman from the Chief Government Whip’s Office said that most of the newly elected MPs from the ruling party and the Opposition from the outstations have still not received their residences given to the MPs in Madiwela as Ex-MPs have still not vacated their official houses. This has resulted in greater inconvenience to the novice MPs as most of them do not have places to stay in Colombo.

These novice MPs have already appealed to the Speaker, the Chief Government Whip, Opposition Leader and the Chief Opposition Whip to look into this matter.

Since housing facilities are not available for the novice MPs from the outstations, they have to book hotels and guest houses in Colombo during the sitting days of Parliament.