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Urgent need for traffic lights at Mattakkuliya

Residents of the Centre Road, Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15 call upon the authorities to install traffic lights at Centre Road, St. Mary’s Road crossroad, which is now a deathtrap

Aspate of accidents have occurred in the recent past at this crossroad, and this has posed a grave danger to life and limb, not only to motorists but also to pedestrians.

It was only last week that three people including the Deputy Director of the Central Bank died on the spot whilst travelling in a trishaw to work. Several others were maimed and injured. It was revealed that the van driver who rammed into three other vehicles was under the influence of heroin .

Motorcyclists seem to be using this stretch of road as a racing track, late at night disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood.

Many schools are close to this spot and children are exposed to these speed fiends.

This matter has been brought to the notice of the Officer-in-Charge of the Mattakkuliya Police, residents said.