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ICC Smart Eco launches economical and user-friendly waste management solutions

In an effort to make user friendly waste processing technology easily accessible, International Construction Consortium (ICC) launched its newest range of waste processing machinery to the domestic market.

Introduced under ICC Smart Eco Solutions, the newest product range added to the portfolio are a series of Organic Waste Composting machines and Smart Modular Sewage Treatment systems. Under the compost technology range unveiled is the Smart Eco Quick Composter where the ‘FOODCYCLER’ is conceptualized for domestic use and the ‘PL Series’ for commercial use. While all units are fitted with replaceable activated carbon filters to eliminate odor, the organic wastes (food waste) are transformed into nutrient-rich dry powder soil amendment within a span of 6-24 hours.

It is acknowledged that the immediate beneficiaries of the compost machinery range by ICC Smart Eco Solutions are a cross section of establishments such as; condominiums, hotels, hospitals, housing schemes, and factories among others. With easy access to ICC’s newest waste management technology, the latter, in particular, will be able to seamlessly re-process disposed products without having to deal with high volumes of pungent waste, and maintaining costly cold rooms. Since the establishment of the eco-solutions arm, ICC Smart Eco Solutions has been at the forefront in installing commercial composting machines at large office blocks, factories, and condominiums. By improving access to smart solid waste management technology, ICC has been successful in being an active contributor in solving Sri Lanka’s mounting garbage problem. Processed waste converted into odorless powder can be stored and used as fertilizer, poultry food, or even sold for compost making. In addition to organic waste composting, ICC Smart Eco solutions also provides cost-effective and practical solutions for wastewater treatment. Innovative technology from ClearFox Germany, Danmotech China, and RTW UK provide Modular MBBR, FBR units which are easy to install and have reduced carbon footprint in comparison to conventional systems. ICC’s Smart Eco option not only helps save land space, but also makes it possible to reuse the processed and treated water. Several modular units have been installed thus far in the country in reputed hotels and housing projects.

Approved by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), all installations come with a guarantee from primer contractor ICC which has over 40 years of expertise in the local and international construction space.

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