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Trump-Biden battle to win Pennsylvania’s votes

Joe Biden and Donald Trump to battle it out in Pennsylvania  which is known as “The Keystone State”.
Joe Biden and Donald Trump to battle it out in Pennsylvania which is known as “The Keystone State”.

US: Door-to-door canvassing and weekly rallies for Donald Trump, while Joe Biden’s campaign avoids both due to the coronavirus: Democrats in Pennsylvania’s rural counties are battling to win back the key electoral state, but the pandemic is not making it easy.

The difference between the Republican and Democratic efforts in Pennsylvania’s Washington County, in the distant suburbs of Pittsburgh, is stark this election season: three tents welcomed the president’s supporters this weekend, as team Biden tried to stick to public health guidelines by organizing primarily online.

Trump backers without anti-virus masks, arrived by the dozens to pick up yard signs and T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Make America Great Again” in an atmosphere akin to a family reunion.

A day prior, state representative Tim O’Neal had walked along the county’s hills to rally Republican supporters, saying he has knocked on 3,500 doors since late June. The local Biden campaign team, wearing face masks, hands out its yard signs from its office. A few figures might justify his confidence. In this county that stood solidly Democratic before swinging for Trump in 2016, the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans is narrowing.

The year Trump was elected, there were more than 14,000 registered Democrats than Republicans, says Ball.

Today that margin has shrunk to 2,000 in favour of the Democrats.

Recent polls suggest the race will be close in Pennsylvania, though nationally Biden has the lead.

O’Neal, the Republican representative knocking on doors, says he’s seeing first-hand that voters’ reactions are unpredictable when it comes to Trump.

“I have had what I thought were hardcore Republicans who weren’t supportive of him, and hardcore Democrats who were,” he said.

“President Trump is one of those politicians that really is not defined necessarily by party.” - AFP

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