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Best for Vertical Gardening

Title: Vertical Gardening


If you’re pressed for gardening space or simply don’t want to care for a huge plot of land, you should read Vertical Gardening: Grow Up, Not Out, for More Vegetables and Flowers in Much Less Space. This gardening book delves into vertical growing strategies using string supports, trellises, pergolas, raised beds, skyscraper gardens and more, helping you save space while still cultivating happy plants.

Vertical gardening might sound complicated, but this guide makes it easy for even novice gardeners to understand. Vertical Gardening focuses on varieties of climbing plants, which are actually less prone to insects, diseases and animal pests, making them easier to care for. The various growing strategies use a mixture of DIY and commercial supports, and there are plenty of tips on how you can reduce work, increase yields and make harvesting easier.

Overall, this book is a hit among reviewers, who say it has great ideas that are very doable. They say Vertical Gardening provides excellent alternatives to traditional planting methods, and most are incredibly happy with the results they’ve seen.