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Hilton Colombo offers 50% off

Celebrating 33 years in Sri Lanka

Defining the bar of hospitality in the country, Hilton Colombo is one of the best destinations that offers a premier personalized service and has remained an icon in the industry for 33 years. Hilton Colombo celebrates the 33rd Anniversary on September 11 and will be offering a 50% discount.Patrons can enjoy this special offer from September 7 to 13 that Graze Kitchen and Curry Leaf during lunch and dinner. In addition to the celebratory offer the hotel is creating some exciting culinary experiences this month. A roulette of flavours await diners at the restaurants to make everyday a feast! You can take your palate for a spin with the spectacular gastronomical combination of flavours from around the world.

Sign up for a Mediterranean Culinary Cruise at Graze Kitchen on Sunday September 6 where diners will be awed by the variety on the lunch buffet; from Spanish cuisine to Italian, French, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan and Libyan. A few of the many dishes that will be available are the Italian Prawn panna cottas, Spanish PatatasBravas with cheat garlic aioli, Oysters with champagne strawberry mignonette, slow roasted Persian lamb with pomegranate salad, Sigara Böreği, filo pastry rolled feta cheese, Falafel, Börek, harissa chicken wings, whole mutton kabsa (baby ouzi), Italian pastas and pizzas, roasted pork belly carvery, prime rib with merlot jus, the Maltese Lampukie Pie, Moroccan Loubia Stew, Kushari, Egypt’s national dish that originated during the mid-19th century and is a widely popular street food, the classic Moroccan stuffed fried sardines and a range of delectable desserts to round off your hearty meal. The lunch buffet will be from 12nn to 2.30pm.

The dinner buffet at Curry Leaf gets bigger and better! From September 7, diners can enjoy exotic local fare and fresh seafood from the seafood market “You can select your fish and have it prepared anyway you like. We do devilled, poached, fried, grilled, curry and so on” says Executive Chef Robert Mujagic. The restaurant is open nightly from 7pm to midnight.

Diggity Dawgs are coming back to Café Kai from September 14 to 27. Homemade artisanal sausages in freshly baked breads and sweet dessert dogs for those with a sweet tooth. The menu consists eight unique and interesting combinations, namely, Naan Dog - Tandoor chicken sausage, raita, greens, tomato, lime pickled mango on open naan, Baroque Reuben - Sour pork sausage, Swiss cheese, caramelized, onions, sauerkraut, sweet relish, Russian sauce in a dog bun, Club Cup - Cajun chicken, greens, brie cheese, walnut, date jam, pesto mayo, egg, white toast, Chili Dog Cup - Beef sausage, ground beef, cheese, baked beans, sweet corn, onion, cumin chili, sweet bread cup, Foot Long Pizza Dog - Foot long baguette, tomato chunks, cheese, pork chorizo sausage, pollo picante, cherry tomato, red curry, green long pepper, jalapenos basil. The dessert range consist Banana Dog - Banana fritters, golden syrup, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, sweet bun, Donut Board - Pistachio cream, milk chocolate chips, rusty dust, cinnamon sugar, long donut and the Rose Strawberry Dog- Strawberry, rose water, saffron, Nutella, Lemon sugar in a long donut. This menu will be available from 11am to 10pm.

Go on Sunday 13th and 27th to enjoy the “Washoku” lunch buffet where you get to savor Chef Hikaru San’s special menu. It is an unlimited indulgence of Japanese cuisine for just Rs 4888nett. Prior reservations are highly recommended. And block out your calendar for a combination of Singaporean and Malaysiancuisine on Sunday (20) , happening at Graze Kitchen.

There is something for children too! Kids between the ages of 5 and 12 can make a date with the Chef on Saturday (19) to make and taste Ravioli. Tickets are priced at Rs 2000 nett and requires bookings in advance..