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AG instructs relevant bodies on legal action

Attorney General Dappula De Livera held a meeting with the relevant parties to review and advise on issues arising from the fire aboard the Crude oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ Vessel in Eastern seas.

Attorney General’s Coordinating Officer, State Counsel Nishara Jayaratne told news media that the meeting had been held with the Navy Commander, Sri Lanka Ports Authority Chairman, Director General of Merchant Shipping and the Marine Environment Protection Authority Chairman. Accordingly, the Attorney General instructed the relevant parties to prepare an estimate of the loss and expenditure incurred to the government due to this incident and to coordinate with the relevant institution.

Further, The Marine Environment Protection Authority was informed to visit the location of the vessel and investigate whether the fire had caused marine pollution in the area.

And also, the Attorney General instructed relevant parties to obtain an assessment of the vessel’s stability at sea and the possible and future damage caused by this incident, as well as the potential for an oil spill and possible damage to the environment.

The AG further said that the foreign teams who arrived at Sri Lanka to conduct an investigation over the vessel must follow COVID-19 health guidelines.

He also stressed that in the event of such a disaster in the future, disaster management methods should be properly prepared.