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‘Accountant – Strong pillar of institution’

Accountant I.M.Faris being felicitated.
Accountant I.M.Faris being felicitated.

The efficient service of an institution or a company depends on dedicated service of accountants of the company, Health Services Director Dr. G. Sukunan said.

He was addressing the gathering at the farewell held for the accountant, who has been transferred to the Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat.

The function was organised at the RDHS Office in Kalmunai.

Dr. G.Sugunan said that I.M.Faris, who worked as an accountant at the Kalmunai Regional Health Service Office was recently transferred to the Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat..

“When the Establishment Code is handled by the Executive Officer and the Financial Accounts is handled by the Accountant, they both carry out their services for the Government to the best of their ability,” Dr. Sugunan said.

“Accountant I.M.Faris is not only an accountant but also a humanitarian even in the most difficult situations. He was a powerful force in moving the RDHS Office forward. Even though, he was transferred to the Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat, we still feel like he is with us,” he said