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COVID-19: Maintaining the victory

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Use sanitizer if water is not available
Use sanitizer if water is not available

The entire world is praising Sri Lanka for very successfully controlling COVID-19 and all those countries are now studying the Sri Lankan strategy which saved the country and the people from COVID-19. But we should not forget the fact that COVID-19 is still killing thousands of people all over the world and especially in our neighbouring country. India is the world's most affected country by COVID-19 by now. So far COVID-19 has killed a total of nearly 900,000 people in the world affecting over 26 million people. COVID-19 is still out there hovering and looking for even a small chance to enter into our society and kill people.

The Opposition said the Sri Lankan Government hid COVID-19 patients before the General Election that ended on August 5th and COVID-19 will hit Sri Lanka like a tsunami after the election. Before August 5, the Opposition said the Government concealed the real COVID-19 situation from the people in order to hold the General Election. But it did not happen and no hidden COVID-19 patients came out after the election as stated by the Opposition. No COVID-19 Tsunami hit Sri Lanka as expected by the Opposition which was always waiting to see dead bodies in order to grab political power. Now they are trying their best to fabricate something else in order to mislead the people and gain political advantages.

A defeated female Opposition politician recently said now people say `Deviyan Wadinawa' (“A deity is arriving”) whenever President Gotabaya Rajapaksa visits a village. This shows how much people value his actions in saving lives from COVID-19. No wonder Sri Lankans see President Gotabaya Rajapaksa as a God because while other countries in the world dealt with thousands of dead bodies, Sri Lankans freely and securely moved around leading their normal lives. She was addressing the media with pain and anger knowing for sure that they will never be able to grab power by misleading people like they did in 2015. While nearly a million people died without medical care overseas, only 12 deaths were reported from Sri Lanka. All of those deaths were due to complications developed due to other health conditions such as cancer (Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) etc and not due to COVID-19 itself, lack of medical care or any other issue.

The most important factor is maintaining the victory we achieved. Recently Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told the people through the media that people should continue to follow all health guidelines in order to protect themselves from COVID-19. It is the advice of all health authorities in Sri Lanka. Therefore all people should strictly follow all health guidelines issued by the Government and the Health Ministry in order to protect themselves from COVID -19. It is very easy for all to follow these few very simple health guidelines.

If you invite Corona for dinner, Corona will have you for breakfast or definitely for lunch. So do not invite Corona for dinner. It is up to you. It is simple as that. The most important fact is we can stay alive by doing the simplest things such as not touching our face, washing hands frequently and staying at a distance. Those things, especially staying at hand's length all the time from all is safe for all. We don't need thousands of rupees to do so. Corona does not invade your home. You bring it home willingly.

You know what COVID-19 is by now and how to prevent it. But you still touch your face ! You do not stop there. You still do everything that you should not do in order to protect your life from COVID-19. Why ? It is because you do not believe that you will get infected. You think that it is others and not you. You think that your relatives and friends are `safe’ for you, which is a myth. COVID-19 can be anywhere at any time.

Health authorities have already told us millions of times what to do and what not to do in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. But still some of us do not care about such advice. Why ? It is because we think it is for others and not for us. Getting scared is not the solution. The only solution is stay conscious every second and practice health advice all the time.

There are three main very simple tasks we need to do in order to protect ourselves from COVID-19. The first one is wearing a mask. All of us can wear a mask. Not like in March, now masks are freely available all over the country in all pharmacies and many other shops for a very low price. Some organizations distribute masks free of charge and some institutions give you masks free of charge. The mask should be worn covering the nose and mouth. Not only the mouth. Covering the nose is essential.

But what do we do at the moment ? We keep the mask in our pocket/handbag in order to take it quickly and wear it when a police officer or any other `authority' approaches us. To be on the `safe side' we keep the mask on our neck or chin so we can lift it up as soon as we see a police officer or any other authority. The funniest part is wearing the mask below the nose. Some purposely do it while the masks of some others fall below their nose due to loose ear loops. Who is responsible for your mask with loose ear loops ? Is it the Government ? Is it the police ? Is it the health authorities ? It is you.

There are two more simple things that we should do in order to protect ourselves and our aged parents from COVID-19. They are staying at least one meter away from another person and washing our hands frequently. Anyone can do those things at any time without much trouble. Once you buy a hand sanitizer, you can use it for a long time because you need to use it only when you cannot wash your hands.

We can very easily stay one meter or more away from another person. We cannot do this when we are being forced to travel by crowded trains and buses. We can avoid crowded trains and buses but it is impossible for some people who live in certain areas in the country and are traveling at a certain time of the day. What we can do during such occasions is wear a fitting three layer standard mask and not touching it before washing our hands with soap and water.

What is essential is cleaning surfaces people touch such as door knobs, bars located in buses, handrails of staircases, handles of shopping baskets in supermarkets, counters, office tables, office telephones, arms of chairs etc. But it seems no one is worried about cleaning such surfaces or touching them.

We have to lead our normal lives while protecting ourselves from this deadly virus until a vaccine and/or drugs are available. It is very easy to do it. Everything can be done only if we maintain mindfulness all the time. Whenever you touch a public or contaminated surface, the next thing you do should be washing your hands with soap and water or sanitizing your hands with a standard sanitizer properly until you wash your hands. Nothing should happen in between touching a contaminated surface and cleaning your hands. This is the `Mantra’ of preventing COVID-19. But it seems many have forgotten it while many others ignore this. We just cannot take chances with COVID-19. After all, all it takes is one careless act to spread a viral disease in society. We must not let that happen.

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