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Kandy District Cricket Tourney in full swing

Competitive cricket is back over here in Kandy, A total of 30 teams are participating in the Kandy District Cricket Tournament namely Kandy Cricket Club, Old Trinitians SC, Old Antonians SC, Kandy Youth CC, Old Rajans SC, Madawala United SC, Galagedera CC, Prisons SC, Old Sylvestrians SC, Ekamuthu SC, Visuvious SC, Saracens CC, Gampola CC, Southerland SC, Liverpool SC, Zelinicans SC, Blue Universal, Kandy Bloomfield SC, Old Zahirians SC, Blackegale SC, Old Bahuvanns SC, Onslaught CC, Kandy Academy CC, University Staff SC, Madawella United SC, Kandy Doctors CC, Kotmale CC, University SC, Kandy Zeylanikans CC and Galhinna CC were pitted against each other and engaged in a fierce contest for supremacy that will ultimately decide the winning club team of the Kandy District Cricket Association . Up to date twenty matches have been played. All in all there will be seventy games; the teams who do well will be in the second round and the group cross winners will be in semis and final.

After end of the 45 day tournament,the top teams will be selected for the final round, which will be on knockout basis. The winners will be awarded the president’s trophy the runner-up will get the Secretary’s trophy, there will be special awards for the best bowler,fielder batsman and the man of the tournament, They are hoping to present cricket gear as awards which will help the players in a big way.

A big hand should go to the Kandy District Cricket Association headed by Roland Perera Vice President Malcolm Perera, Secretary Janaka Pahtirana who are doing good work to keep the game alive.

The results so far are Madawala United S.C. beat Visuvious S.C. by 34 runs , Kotmale CC beat Old Trinitians S.C. by one wicket, Old Antonians SC beat Southerland SC by 127 runs, Saracens CC beat Sylvestrians CC by six wickets, Saracens CC beat Gampola United SC by seven wickets, Saracens Cricket Club beat Gampola CC by 7 wickets, Kandy Cricket Club beat Kandy Zeylanikans C..C by 146 runs, Old Zahirans SC beat Kandy Bloomfield C.C. by 49 runs, University Staff C.A. beat Galhinna YSC by 44 runs, Old Zahirians Sports Club beat Southerland S.C. by 7 wickets, Onslaught Cricket Club beat Visuvious S.C by 6 wickets, Kandy Youth Cricket Club beat Prison S.C by 67 runs, Old Rajans Cricket Club beat Galagedara C.C by 4wickets, University Cricket Club beat BlackeagleS.C by 5 wickets, Galhinna YSSC beat Madawala CC by 2 wickets, Old Trinitians Sports Club beat Liverpool by 4 wickets, Kandy Youth Cricket Club beat Universsity Staff CC by 5 wickets, Gampola Cricket Club beat Kandy Academy CC by 3 wickets, Old Rajans Cricket Club beat Blackeagle SC by 109 runs, Blue Universal Sports Club beat Sylvestrian CC by 5 wickets,The last match played between Kandy C.C. and Visuvious S.C. was halted due to wet weather

World Rugby Match Officiating course

Today Saturday at NIttawela Sri Lanka Rugby will deliver the World Rugby L 1 Match officiating course, which will be conducted by Vimal Perera – WR Educator and Dilroy Fernando. To conduct the event arrangements have been made by Central Provence Rugby Football Union headed by Pradeep Basnayake and Secretary Kavinda Jayasena with Sri Lanka Rugby governing body headed by Rizlly Illyas providing funds to cover the expenses. Rugby balls, cones, multi media projector, extension cord, maggie board, Lunch, Refreshment and water will be provided

This module aims to provide learners who have an interest in becoming a match official with a basic level of understanding of how to referee. Upon completion of this module they should be ready to undertake the face-to-face Introduction to Match Officiating (Pre-L1) course delivered by licensed Educators.Upon successful completion of both the online module and face-to-face course participants should be able to demonstrate basic officiating skills and to officiate aspects of the game in a modified context.

On successful completion of the course, a match official will be able to, demonstrate technical and generic officiating skills,Identify management skills and apply to own practice, Use the principles of rugby to analyze the game, Plan and review performance as a Match Official, Use key factors analysis as a tool for skill improvement, Demonstrate safe and skilled refereeing, Demonstrate safe practice as an Assistant Referee, Demonstrate high level of knowledge of officiating and the ability to discuss contemporary law issues Define the core values of Rugby.


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