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Delightful ‘Ice Cream Tulips’

The tulip is one of the world’s most popular flowers thanks to their bright, showy petals that are an iconic symbol of springtime. And just when you thought that tulips couldn’t get any more delightful, they’ve combined with one of the world’s favourite sweet treats to make something extra special.

The ice cream tulip is a unique variety with a white cone emerging from pink petals. The white petals, which resemble a peony, don’t fully open, making them look like a delicious ice cream cone sitting in a vibrant pink bowl. These perennial bulbs are best planted in the fall and grow up to 16 inches tall. They do well in hardiness zones three to eight, which covers a good part of the United States and Europe.

Once planted, these tulips bloom in late spring and are certainly eye-catching whether they’re in the garden or used in cut flower arrangements.Given their unique appearance, ice cream tulips have become quite popular. They’re featured in famous tulip gardens around the world, including the iconic Keukenhof in Holland. My Modern Met

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