Govt. provides drying facilities at Upuldeniya granary | Daily News


Govt. provides drying facilities at Upuldeniya granary

The government has taken measures to provide facilities for drying crops to farmers in the Anuradhapura district, which was a long-felt need.

The government as an initial step has taken action to provide the drying facilities at the granary in Upuldeniya in the Galenbidunuwewa DS Division.

There are plans to set up 20 technologically advanced drying machines at the Upuldeniya granary at a cost of Rs. 90 million. One unit was recently inaugurated by Minister Wimal Weerawansa.

The Central Bank in collaboration with a private commercial enterprise sponsors the project.

The Upuldeniya granary consists of a storage capacity of 10,000 metric tons of crops such as paddy, maize, undhu, soya, kurakkan and gingelly.

The warehouse management headed by Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M. Wanninayake allows farmers to store their harvest at the granary and helps them to market their harvest at a higher price in the off-season.

Wannianayake said that the district needed three more granaries to assist farmers.

Farmer organizations in Anuradhapura whose lands are irrigated by 13 major tanks, have been urging the Anuradhapura Government Agent the District Agriculture Committee and the Paddy Marketing Board (P.M.B.) to provide public threshing ground facilities to overcome the acute problem of crop drying facilities. It is reported that farmers are unable to sell their paddy harvest to the government through the P.M.B. due to high moisture rate exceeding 14 percent and are compelled to sell their harvest at a low price to unscrupulous paddy dealers owing to scarcity of drying space and the need to pay off their debts.


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