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Her ‘learning curve’

Recognition, respect and career opportunities are some of the feats that reached her as she stood with the Siyatha Miss World Sri Lanka 2019 crown poised on her head. She was all smiles when she recalled the glorious moment which changed her line of destiny.

“It was truly a miracle. The moment still seems surreal to me,” Dewmi Thathsarani recalls with a laugh when she pictured her favourite moment from the hectic pageant schedule. Another significant aspect of the event was that she, 21 years of age then, got the opportunity to meet the experts in the fashion and beauty sector. This she terms as her ‘learning curve’ especially because she has not taken part in a pageant of this magnitude before.

“I was a student at Dreamron College of Art and Beauty. My teacher encouraged me to enter the pageant. I thought this will be a good starting point to a career in this industry. I consulted my family and got their consent to enter the pageant,” Dewmini explained.

She notes that the local pageant opened an abundance of knowledge for her. She says that all the contestants embodied different personalities, skills and were very competitive as the competition was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

“I certainly made some new friends. They were all happy for me when I was crowned as Miss Sri Lanka,” she enthused adding that the event provided a unique experience for her which was a challenge every moment.

“Every day I had to perform better and deliver what was expected from us. Nothing was easy. Every day we learnt new skills and every day was another day given to better myself,” she elaborated.

London opened doors to more new avenues. This was Dewmini’s first time abroad.

“The most exciting thing about the tour was the rehearsals. We got the opportunity to meet some of the most famous beauticians and choreographers in the industry. I also enjoyed all the expeditions we were taken on as those enlightened me.

I was able to learn about another country and its rich heritage,” she quipped.

A peasant surprise and an added advantage for her were having Miss England as her roommate. She says that Bhasha Mukherjee, a doctor by profession, became her closest alley during the tour.

“There were so many things to absorb. There were 120 participants from across the world brought under one platform. The cultural diversities, languages, national costumes and different dance genres left me awestruck,” she says.

Coming from a close-knit family of four Dewmini is a past pupil of Seethadevi Girls’ College, Kandy. Modelling assignments take much of the part of her day these days as she has many opportunities to endorse reputed brands. She is also following an advanced course in English and hoping to resume her higher studies at Dreamron College of Art and Beauty. Her ambition is to establish her own beauty salon and academy.

2019 saw a bevy of dark and tan skinned contestants taking away the crowns in top beauty pageants across the world. Dewmini witnessed Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh adorning the crown at the Miss World 2019 finale.

“I believe that they made the right decision. In any field, if you have the right set of skills and talent required to achieve your goals, nothing else should matter,” she mused.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed for better for Dewmini. True, many activities in our daily lifestyle has been hampered, but there are many life lessons to be learnt during these stressful times.

“We must learn to accept the situation we are in, and change our bad habits. We need to improve our lifestyle in accordance to the health guidelines provided. Let us no longer take our lives or our employment for granted. Many have lost their jobs and find it difficult to overcome financial difficulties across the world today. Let this be a lesson well learnt. We have been given a new life through this pandemic. Lets make the most of it while we still can,” she urged adding that she appreciates the love and support she receives. She is thankful to the people who have enriched her life during her path to success.

“Many meaningful responsibilities come with the Miss World Sri Lanka title. One of them is to encourage women to complete their education. Never give up on learning and personal development. You may not always come from a wealthy background but your knowledge is your wealth. It is priceless,” she opined. She is all for encouraging Sri Lankan girls to venture to the global platform and showcase their skills.

“It should not be limited to the glamour and beauty sector alone but also expanded into other fields and professions. This experience has made me look at things differently, appreciate life more and has opened new opportunities for me. We must never limit ourselves or our learning,” Dewmini concluded.


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