Bed shortage at Tangalle Base Hospital | Daily News

Bed shortage at Tangalle Base Hospital

Patients and the staff at the Tangalle Base Hospital are greatly inconvenienced as a result of the

 congestion that exists there.

This is a hospital where patients from Tangalle, Kudawella, Dickwella, Beliatta, Weeraketiya, Ranna, and Angunakolapelessa receive treatment on a daily basis.

There is an acute shortage of beds here and, therefore, most of the inmates at the hospital sleep on the floor. Even pregnant mothers share beds due to this issue, amidst the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

There are about twenty specialist doctors at this hospital, but they do not have enough facilities to conduct clinics either.

The staff of the hospital said that the institution should be vested with the central government in order for it to be converted into a general hospital, as it would then benefit both the patients and the staff.