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Plans to construct 4,000 small bridges - Lansa

Rural Roads and other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lansa said yesterday that the Government plans to construct 4,000 small bridges on rural roads to enhance the quality of the living standards in rural areas by improving the access of rural communities to market, education and health facilities through developing transport connectivity.

Minister made these remarks during the discussion held with an officials attached to the Road Development Authority yesterday at the Ministry premises..

He said that attention has been paid to construct these bridges as a solution for the unsafe bridges in rural areas using materials such as light poles, bamboo and rails that have been discarded.

"We have focused to build small bridges at low cost and high quality, connecting rural and urban areas under this project to strengthen the rural economy," he said.

He further said it is necessary to identify local rural areas where such bridges were needed to implement this project urgently. with the construction of small bridges in rural areas, farmers in rural areas will be able to bring their products to economic centers and facilitating the day-to-day lives of the people without interruption.