Only Speaker and Parliament can decide on Jayasekera admission to Parliament - Vasu | Daily News


Only Speaker and Parliament can decide on Jayasekera admission to Parliament - Vasu

‘AG has no power to decide’

The admission of MP Premalal Jayasekera to Parliament is a decision of the Speaker and Parliament, not of the Attorney General, said Water Supply Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara at a press conference yesterday.

He said this in response to a question posed by journalists about the fate of MP Jayasekera in the context that it would be illegal for MP Jayasekera to go to Parliament in accordance with a statement from the Attorney General.

Minister Nanayakkara said, “Yes, it is true that the Attorney General has made a statement to this effect and has proclaimed that MP Jayasekera cannot go to Parliament. But, in this respect, the Attorney General has no power.”

He said, “The Attorney General has his powers in the domain of Courts. The AG can decide whether he should present himself before Courts or not on behalf of complaints. In this case too, he appeared before the Courts on behalf of a complaint that was filed and had got a death sentence against the MP in question,” he said.

This has now gone to the Courts of Appeal. Accordingly, the AG will now go to the Court of Appeal to obtain confirmation of the verdict in question, which is the responsibility of the AG.

“From the time of the appeal, the verdict of the convict has been suspended and the Court of Appeal has had to pass the final judgment,” he pointed out.

Referring to the case of former MP Duminda Silva, Minister Nanayakkara said that Duminda Silva had come to Parliament until the final judgment was handed down to him by the Appeal Court.


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