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‘19A an unregistered marriage’

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Scenes in Parliament in 2018 as Yahapalana Govt. lost its mandate on February 10, 2018.
Scenes in Parliament in 2018 as Yahapalana Govt. lost its mandate on February 10, 2018.

Last week we saw and heard how some corrupt Opposition politicians who came into the Parliament talk about the 19th Amendment. They were saying that according to a 'survey’ it was found that 69 percent of the people do not like to see it abolished.

Even children in the kindergarten in Sri Lanka know very well what the 19th Amendment is, who brought it, when it was brought and especially for what purpose they brought it. It is hilarious to watch those Opposition politicians talk about the 19th Amendment because when we see them so many other things such as white vans, crocodiles, SAITM and low quality cancer drugs come into our minds and not the 19th Amendment.

According to the ordinary people of Sri Lanka who cast their valuable vote and gave a two thirds majority to this Government, the 19th Amendment is not an Amendment made to the Sri Lankan Constitution. It is just a petition, an unimportant piece of paper which does not have any legality, recognition or at least tolerance by the people. They say the 19th Amendment goes with some other words such as corruption, malpractices, illicit drugs, underworld and crimes and not words such as democracy, unity, reconciliation, national security, etc. Whenever we see or hear about the 19th Amendment, what comes to our mind is kidnapping and abolishing civic rights of patriots. You can hear their voices in streets, on three wheelers, in shops, in paddy fields, in the fish market and not in press conferences, five star hotels, etc.

According to a prominent Ven. professor Thera attached to the University of Kelaniya, the 19th Amendment is similar to a marriage that was not registered. The two individuals who signed as attesting witnesses were there. The relations, friends, colleagues etc. were there. But the registrar was not there and it was not legally registered. The 19th Amendment was not legally approved by the people of Sri Lanka. Therefore, it can be totally ignored. The 19th Amendment is something similar to the wind. It cannot be seen or touched and we cannot point out the borders, the Ven. Professor Thera said.

19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment was brought in by the previous corrupt and undemocratic Yahapalana regime which lost the people's mandate to govern the country on February 10, 2018. But ignoring the people's mandate this so-called Yahapalanaya continued to make Sri Lankan ordinary poor innocent people suffer for over one and half years until November 16, 2019. The people of Sri Lanka told those Yahapalana crooks what they think about the 19th Amendment on two occasions, on November 16 last year and August 5 this year. One of the so called independent commissions used every possible tactic to delay the people's opportunity to express their will. But nothing or no one could change what people really think about the 19th Amendment.

It is very interesting to see what happened to the duo who played key roles in scrawling the 19th Amendment and bringing it to Parliament. One of them fled to Switzerland soon after Sri Lankan people told the entire world what they thought about the 19th Amendment on November 16 last year and the other is now residing in Australia without being able to face sons and daughters of Mother Lanka. Both of them are dead scared to face the Sri Lankan public after trapping the country inside a ‘petition’ closing all doors to express people's will.

Here comes the most important fact. Why did the Yahapalana regime bring in the so called petition, ‘19th Amendment’? Why? There were few things they needed to do in order to make sure that they can stay in power no matter how much Sri Lankan people hate them, reject them and want to chase them away. Therefore they made sure that their main objectives are fulfilled through this piece of paper. They made it impossible to reverse their tactics. But the Sri Lankan people showed them their power and destroyed all their barriers by offering the two thirds majority to the current Government.

What were the requirements of Yahapalanaya? We all knew but by now some of us may have forgotten them due to the mental solace and freedom we enjoy under this Government. The very first requirement was making sure that the current Prime Minister and the former Executive President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa does not come into power ever again. To do this they included a special restriction into the 19th Amendment stating that one person cannot contest for the Presidency three times. Then they included another restriction in the 19th Amendment stating that anyone with dual citizenship cannot contest for the Presidency. This was purely aimed at preventing anyone from the Rajapaksa family coming into the politics, especially the current President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Another restriction included in the 19th Amendment stated that no one below the age of 35 can become the President of Sri Lanka. This was aimed at preventing Namal Rajapaksa, the elder son of our Prime Minister contesting for the Presidency.

They set up so-called ‘Independent Commissions’ inserting their NGO henchmen who dance according to their tune. The members of some of those so-called ‘Independent Commissions’ were subservient to them. They carried out all the orders given by their masters in order to harm individuals and especially the Sri Lankan public waiting to express their will. Anyone can understand what the 19th Amendment is, if he/she read it carefully.

No matter who says what now, the people of Sri Lanka have very loudly and clearly said they hate the 19th Amendment and they need to see it gone. They gave the two thirds majority to this Government to do it and not to listen to the corrupt opposition politicians who cheated innocent poor Sri Lankans for four and half years (over one and half years without the people's mandate). The people will come into the streets and show their due place to these Yahapalana politicos if they continue to use tactics that go against the people's mandate.

These smelly characters who came into Parliament again now show their true face. Recently one of them commented about the fish curry given with Parliament meals. After snuffing out the essence of the country for four and half long years, they are still concerned about their health and nutrition and not the health and nutrition of the Sri Lankan people. The Sri Lankan people did not want them elected to the Parliament but the existing preferential system allowed them to creep into Parliament.

They come into the Parliament to enjoy meals and all the other benefits and to obstruct all projects and programmes implemented by the Government for the welfare of the innocent poor people. Since the number of youths who can be misled is gradually being reduced day-by-day they now try to use different and new tactics in order to mislead the public.

The Yahapalanites now in the Opposition are much more dangerous than COVID-19 because we all know how to prevent COVID-19 and protect ourselves from the virus. Our doctors and the health staff know how to treat Corona patients and our heroic Armed Forces know how to stop the virus from spreading. A vaccine and drugs can be developed for the virus.

But when it comes to Yahapalana crooks, we do not know how to prevent their future evil plans that will be drafted to destroy Sri Lankan people's mental solace and livelihood. We forget things very easily and it was the LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran who said that Sri Lankan people remember things only for two weeks. Therefore they can mislead people after waiting for some time until the people forget the bond scam, Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks, fuel queues, gas shortage, lawlesssness, etc.

People’s power

Once they grab power, they use every possible tactic to stay in power without the people's mandate and we saw it very clearly in December 2018. They were not reluctant to tear off the country's Constitution in order to stay in power without people's mandate. They thought the 19th Amendment would help to stay in power but the Sri Lankan people were much more powerful than the 19th Amendment. Even if President Gotabaya Rajapaksa asked for a five sixths majority, the Sri Lankan people were ready to give it to him. Yahapalana goons underestimated the people's power and they thought the Goebbels’ Theory will work forever.

There are two fantastic Sinhala idioms. One is Una puruke demmath balu walige eda nere (Even if you keep a dog's tail inside a bamboo internode, it will not become straight). The second one is Thelen beddath kiren beddath kobeiyya kobeiyyamai (no matter if you fry a bird using oil or milk, the bird will be the same bird). Those describe the real face of Yahapalana politicos.

It is the duty of all of us to make ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ a reality. One person or a group of persons cannot do it. The only way possible is being honest with ourselves and doing our duties honestly without wasting public resources. Taking good care of yourself, especially your mental and physical health, also contributes towards this. A healthy individual can work more and work efficiently. The most important factor is maintaining a good memory.


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