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A bowl of the spiritual feast

Though the Esala Poya marks the beginning of Vassana retreat
In the months of Nikini and Binara too it is to repeat
During Vassana every Poya remains very important
For those who wish to gain immense merit
This is the time that many efforts are made
To cultivate moral values for which rules have been laid
To the excitement, joy and shraddha of the laity
Many a task is performed by the clergy
Bhikkhus are supposed to guide and give them advice
So that the laity is drawn away from the vice
During Vassana there is a marked improvement
In layman’s moral and spiritual development
Discipline and morality have a classic impact
As stated in Dhamma on the code of conduct
Offerings of Sivu-pasa, a religious performance very rare
Comprising of robes, alms, shelter and medical care
Early Buddhist monks were calm and quiet mendicant
An aspect considered to be most significant
Alms bowl is one of the eight items of personal property
Of the bhikkhus who have taken a rigorous vow of poverty
This is a rule enacted by Thathagatha
Hence a bhikkhu could not go begging for pindapatha
Buddhist monks have to depend on layman’s generosity
Laity also reach out to Sangha with equal love and generosity
This is a good opportunity for the devotees who wait
Eagerly to make offerings for the Sangha for merit
It is the Dhamma discussions and meditation
That the bhikkhus lead the laity to final deliverance and liberation
When the aspiration of the laity is still tender
It is a great service that meditation can render
Another event for which Binara Poya is important
Is the annual Mahiyangana Perahera and its pageant
The earliest relic was enshrined in Mahiyangana
Which Buddha gave during his first visit to Deva Maha Sumana
Binara Poya is also of great significance for Bhikkhuni Sasana
Inaugurated in the annals of the Buddha Sasana

Rupa Banduwardena

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