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Anawilundawa Reserve mangroves ecosystem illegally cleared

An area of 0.6976 Hectares of the mangroves ecosystem in Anawilundawa Reserve has been illegally cleared by unauthorized persons on August 25.

Wildlife and Forest Conservation Minister S.B Ratnayake issuing a press release stated that reportedly, this area was illegally cleared for a prawns farming project by a group and the incident was reported to wildlife officials on August 26.

Following that, the relevant authorities were informed by Minister C.B Ratnayake to cease this activity completely and commence investigations against the persons who were involved in this activity.

An area of 1397 Hectares in the Anawilundawa area was named as a reserve in May 11, 1997 under the provisions of the Fauna and Flora Ordinance. Accordingly, Minister Ratnayake pointed out that destroying this natural mangroves system is an illegal act as well as a crime against the ecosystem.

Accordingly, the Director of the Department of Wildlife Conservation and other authorities were instructed by Minister Ratnayake to take illegal action regardless of status against the persons behind this activity.

Pictures by Priyankara Kalupahana