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CC fulfills needs of NGOs and foreign powers

Labour Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the Constitutional Council(CC), had become a body that fulfills the needs of NGOs and foreign powers.

He stated that the 20th Amendment to the Constitution will safeguard the sovereignty of the people by eliminating its shortcomings while preserving the positive features of the 19th Amendment.

The Minister expressed these views while participating in a function held in Bandarawela recently, a communiqué issued by the ministers media unit said.

“Our government will present a budget in November. Before that the 20th Amendment will be introduced. I am also a member of the Committee set to come up with proposals for the 20th Amendment, appointed by Parliament and the Cabinet”.

The 19A gave the powers to the CC enabling it to act even above the President and it became an ineffective body for the country and went on to fulfill the needs of NGOs and foreign organisations and forces. We hope to eliminate this anomaly and bring in the 20th Amendment in a manner that reflects the sovereignty of the people” he added.

The minister said a member of the Election Commission appointed under 19A went to court against the very Commission he represented, shattering public confidence in its independence.

The Minister pointed out that such commissions do not do justice to the people and that the CC does not have the power to oppose the arbitrary actions of the members of the Independent Commissions.

“We will not stop with the 19th Amendment alone. The entire Constitution should be amended. In particular, we need a good electoral system. We will take steps to abolish the system of preferential votes and bring in an electoral system that appoints a Member of Parliament responsible for the electorate. We need to introduce a more enlightened electoral system to the people”.